40 messages about playing to learn with imagination

Playing is a primordial activity for the formation of children. It is in joke that they learn, express themselves and understand the world. Adults can and should encourage children to have fun this way. So check out quotes on playing and reflect how the exercise of imagination is important.

Quotes on playing that reinforces the importance for learning

Play as a child, this is a mystery of happiness.

It is good to remember that play is itself a therapy.

Play is the highest form of research.

Playing is leaving imagination and creativity to run loose.

We do not stop playing because we get older. We get old because we stop playing.

Man reaches his maturity when he sees life with the same seriousness that a child faces a joke.

Playing is learning life with joy.

To be a child is to be happy… run and play until you get tired and still ask for bis!

When a child plays, plays and pretends; is creating another world. Richer and more beautiful and much more full of possibilities and inventions than the world where it actually lives.

In joke you also learn a lot. With imagination and creativity the world also changes.

Play also develops language learning and motor skills.

Children do not play play. Really play.

The child learns playing and playing she is happy!

Playing is a fundamental condition to be serious.

Children’s play is a form of language, they are symbolic systems that communicate meanings. The child plays before speaking and this form of language allows her to say what she wants, what she likes and what she feels.

Everyone has a little child within themselves. Allow yourself to be lighter, play and smile.

Play is part of the child’s education. That’s when it develops imagination and opens it to a new world.

A book is a toy made with letters. Reading is play.

Call the child who lives in you to play with the children you love.

Play is a primordial part of the learning process. Encourage children to play!

Who doesn’t know how to play, don’t go down to play.

To educate children is knowing how to teach with a hint of joke.

Play is the work of children.

For the child, play is their language, expresses their joys, frustrations, skills and difficulties. It is the way found to express themselves in the world and communicate its inner reality.

Play allows children to transform reality into imagination.

When children play they create a better world, only their own, with imagination and innocence.

It is not enough just to keep in touch with a child, you need to donate your time, play and have fun like a child.

One, two, three, there I go! What a delight it is to be able to play.

The child plays (jokes), to express aggression, acquire experience, control anxieties, establish social contacts such as personality integration and pleasure.

When playing, the child takes papers and accepts the rules of their own, performing tasks for which he is not yet appropriate as pleasant in reality.

Life must be lived as a joke.

You can find out more about one person in an hour playing than in a chat year.

Time spent playing with a child is never wasted time.

To be a child is to create a world of yours.

The child learns playing. More importantly, when playing, the child learns to learn.

Let’s lead life with the playful seriousness she deserves!

have one thing in mind: there is nothing like playing.

Play, take care, learn.

Childhood is magic, every joke is fantasy.

Play is an essential language for the child.

See just how important play is? Therefore, also check out child education quotes and continue to reflect on the learning process of children.

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