40 messages about God’s plans that will guide you on His path

God acts in mysterious ways in each person’s life. After all, he has a special plan for all his children. Understanding the Lord’s wills can be a complicated task. So how about reflecting a little more about the subject? Check out these quotes about God’s plans and enjoy sharing with those who also need these words!

Quotes on God’s plans to understand the will of the Lord

God knows what he does! God knows what he takes, God knows what he brings.

God’s plans are anyway. Mystery for those who trust, surprising for those who wait. Wonderful for those who believe and bless those who receive.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plan to make them prosper and not to cause them harm, plans to give them hope and a future.”

God’s plans are greater than mine. He does the best for me.

Let us firmly tighten the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

Consecrate to the Lord all that you do, and your plans will be successful.

All that is yours will come to you, not by chance, but by the plans of God.

Many are, Lord my God, the wonders you have operated on to us, and your thoughts cannot be counted before you; If I wanted to announce them, and speak of them, they are more than you can tell.

God, I do not know your plans for my life, but you know my ways. Take care of me!

No God’s plan can be prevented.

One of the few certainty I have in this world is that God has a plan for my life and will not leave me alone.

We don’t know what we do, but God knows exactly how it acts in our lives.

Goals are ours, the plans are from God.

It’s no use raising when something doesn’t come out as we wanted, God acts in mysterious ways.

Men’s plans are flawed, only God’s plans are perfect.

When God changes our plans is because something will improve.

Each person on this earth is a perfect and made with love with much.

chance does not exist, what exists is God and his plans.

God’s plans in your life are much greater than your problems.

Every meeting we have in this life is part of God’s plans. Just have faith and trust!

Life becomes lighter from the moment we understand that God’s plans are bigger and better than ours.

God did not say that all my plans would work out. He said the plans of him would not go wrong.

Trust God your life. Let him guide his steps today and forever and ever.

Sometimes life surprises us and drops us, but God knows what he does and is always there to get up.

I learned that there is only one plan that can go wrong: the one who is not in God’s plans.

God’s plans are mysterious and often we do not understand. But they are always the best for us.

Life as a whole is a perfect plan of God.

I don’t know how God will do, but I know it will be perfect.

I put my life at your feet, Lord. Guide me and do your will!

My life is all of the Lord. Because he knows what is best for me.

Trusting God’s plans makes the challenges look easier, because he is always ahead.

How beautiful it is to see God’s act in our lives. How beautiful are the plans of Him!

What we often see as an obstacle, God sees as a lesson we need to learn.

May God take the anguish of my heart, that I can see certainty in Him!

God’s plans are not just good things. After all, it is by battles that we also learn.

Trust your life to the Lord, for He is the master of everything and holds all plans.

I may not understand, but I know your plans are better and greater than mine, Lord.

God’s plans are always better than mine and, unfortunately, sometimes I forget that.

Lord, guide me by your plans, your works and your love.

When we trust God, we know that the plans of Him are greater than any our will.

The important thing is to stay true to God’s plans today and always! Also read these quotes from God in charge and let him guide his steps.

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