40 messages about essence to reflect on what really matters

Many wonder what the true essence would be. Some say she is in love, soul, others or each of us. And to you? What is it and where to find it? To reflect a little more on these issues, check out these quotes on essence that present different points of view.

40 incredible quotes on essence to contact your true self

Our only obligation in life is to be faithful to our essence.

My essence is to change: it is not enough to be Rio if I can be sea.

But where freedom should be sought is in feelings. These are the living essence of the soul.

In land of appearances, you dare be essence.

In people, as well as in a good perfume, what is worth is not the bottle, but the essence.

We are unique! Beautiful is the soul that uses its spontaneity to radiate its essence.

My essence is unconscious of itself and that is why I blindly obey myself.

The true essence we recognize for the brightness of the look.

Nothing more beautiful than an authentic person, because it is connected with its true essence.

Do not follow the trend, follow the essence.

Everything you see is mirage. Seeks the essence that is not seen.

man loves because love is the essence of his soul and so he cannot fail to love.

We find the essence in the friends we do, in the places we visit, in what we learn. All genuine connection generates knowledge for mind and soul.

comes an age when beauty becomes background and essence becomes a priority.

There is no money in the world that buy the pure essence and that connects us with our true self.

Love is the essence of all things. When we realize this, we overflow in genuine happiness.

The way to self -knowledge is a long and often arduous journey. But it is only through him that we find our essence.

Never live to please others. Be faithful to its essence. That is enough.

God’s love is the essence of life.

Money is the alienated essence of the work and existence of man; The essence dominates him and he worships her.

What defines me is my essence and not your opinion.

Joy for me is a priority, my essence is to be happy.

In essence we are equal. In differences we respect ourselves.

One day, all beauty ages, the jokes lose their grace. Only the essence remains. So, impress the world with its character.

It is not the appearance, it is the essence. It’s not money, it’s education. It’s not the clothes, it’s the class.

Your essence is worth more than your status.

In times of appearance and likes, who has essence is king.

Love is the essence of the universe.

It is in transparency that we have in our essence, the best of us in our conscience.

The essence of life hangs upon us, making our thoughts and attitudes evolve over time.

Everyone judges according to appearance, no one according to essence.

I am sad when the eyes that see me do not see my essence.

Change plans, dreams, city and employment. Just don’t change your essence because of someone else.

It is never too late to seek your true essence, for it is eternal.

I may even change my leaves, but I will never tear my roots. The essence is worth more than the packaging.

The essence of happiness is not to be afraid.

Reconstructs as many times as you need, but never stop being yourself, never leave your essence aside.

adapts, but do not lose the essence.

Make no mistake, essence comes from the soul and not from possession of goods.

Not doing a certain thing is the essence of the real regret.

It is never too late to know your true essence. And looking at yourself is the first step! Check out these self -awareness quotes that will help you find the answers that are already in you!

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