40 messages about black beauty that are perfect to empower you

Representativeness, it matters, and a lot. It’s an empowerment! We want diversity in media, movies and soap operas, we want to break patterns and show that every race has its uniqueness and beauty. We must expand our gaze to escape stereotypes and prejudice. Therefore, we have selected quotes on black beauty that are really inspiring. Check it out and share!

Black beauty quotes that praise Brazilian diversity

The turn has come for the black beauty to be exalted and recognized. The catwalks are ours!

black is beautiful. Black is friend. Black is also a child of God.

That black beauty has the deserved recognition. We want representativeness!

Empowerment is to love who I am, escape from beauty standards and assume that being black is beautiful!

Beauty standards are totally harmful for building the self -esteem of the black child, and therefore, it is important other references, to understand that black people also think the world and that they are part of the construction of society.

Black Beauty is a mixture of kindness, diversity, joy and a lot of beautiful people!

Your prejudice will not overshadow my beauty. I’m black, beautiful, proud and powerful!

May the black beauty take care of the track and samba in the face of society!

True beauty is not on the skin! I am black with body, soul and heart.

dark skin, no! Respect me. My beauty is black.

All beauty is black as the flower of the nobility of Ilê. All wealth that Africa reigns is in pride of knowledge.

Today I believe in my black beauty, I know I don’t need comparisons to be beautiful.

We need to talk about black beauty so that our children grow in a society with representativeness.

Behind all black beauty, there is a story of struggle, resistance and persistence. They can no longer shut up!

A beautiful black lady, the most beautiful samba queen of the party. The owner of the fair, a faithful Brazilian representative.

Until you understand what your place is in the world, you see yourself ugly and weird. Today I know that my black beauty is amazing. For more representativeness!

I see that we black girls have stars eyes, who sometimes allow themselves to constel.

ei, society, I’m here to disturb! I want to see black beauty in soap operas, magazines and commercials.

Beauty is the voice of a black woman echoing without fear of dying.

When the black woman moves, the whole structure of society moves with her.

Our body is not object! We get tired of hypersexualization. Black beauty is greatness, origin and history.

Take your repression and go away from my black beauty!

My hair is beautiful and my skin is amazing. I am proud of my origin and my black beauty!

Society, gets used to seeing black beauty assuming places of power. Let’s no longer shut up!

Exhaled Black Beauty! Here, your envy hits and falls. I am better than your prejudice.

This black beauty Olorum who created. Come to the quilombo axé dance the nagô. All united in one thought leading to origin.

Your curls are beautiful! Black beauty that fascinates me.

Never let a standard define its beauty. Being black is amazing!

Beauty is to see my people in the corridors of universities. Being black is beautiful!

black woman, dressed in her color that is life, your form that is beauty.

I’m not your fantasy, let alone your object! My black beauty is not for your beak.

Black beauty will shake the structures of society! We want to occupy the spaces that are ours by right.

Less standard and more black beauty!

My black beauty is a glory! I’m proud of my body and being who I am.

Black reveals greatness, his world does not reign sadness not, infinite beauty, the seventh meaning of such a legion.

Believe me: There are no limits to black beauty! Roar.

I’m not brunette! My beauty is black.

I am much more my black beauty than its prejudiced standard.

black woman, I sing her passing beauty, form that eternalize.

staying reaffirming all the time is extremely exhausting. May the black beauty be valued!

Black beauty needs representativeness! Check out the quotes of Angela Davis and get inspired by the humanist ideas of this great thinker.

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