40 love messages in Spanish to declare with all your heart

Even in complex languages ​​like Portuguese, sometimes we can’t express ourselves as we would like. After all, love leaves us even speechless. At these times, investing in love quotes in other languages ​​can be a good choice. Love quotes in Spanish show us that this is a perfect way for this. Check it out and share with you love!

Spanish love quotes for when you lack words in Portuguese

In the Late Late Cathew, pero each one I hope you find with you. (I don’t know how many lives I miss, but in each one I hope to meet you).

me gustan los buenos dingy accompanied by one of besos. (I love the good days accompanied by one of your kisses).

al love y a ti los conocí almo tiempo. (I met you and love at the same time).

su sonrisa es mi quotes favorite. (Your smile is my favorite phrase).

In the quiero being a chapter of you life, to be you history. (I don’t want to be a chapter of your life, I want to be your story).

misjueres moments fueron to you side, misjuers stories fueron written with you. (My best moments were by your side, my best stories were written with you).

love this enamorase de la misma persona all of them. (Love is falling in love with the same person every day).

El Camino, through you cuerpo sigrepre is a beautiful travele. (The path through your body is always a beautiful trip).

Iría al fin del Mundo en search for you sonrisa. (Would go to the end of the world in search of your smile).

Of all places where he states the sides. (From all over where I have been, the best is by your side).

Gusta I feel the contact that we have alienar naked numbers. (I like to feel the contact we have when I intertwine our hands).

El Poem Má Corto del Mundo: Tú. (The smallest poem in the world: you).

de las 24 hours Del day, 16 Pienso en ti y la la otras 8 sueño with you. (24 hours of the day, 16 I think of you and the other 8 dream with you).

Un beautiful love is difficult to find, easy to lose and imposition to forget. (A beautiful love is difficult to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget).

te quiero y want you sigrepre, has been displeasured from La Muerte, because I will be with all my soul y ell soul never Muere. (I love you and I will always love you, until after death, because I love you with all my soul and the soul never dies).

love in the es mirase el uno ali otro, aiming at together with mismuchión. (To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction).

no seré tu primer love pero si lo mejor of tus stories. (I will not be your first love, but the best of your stories).

en tus brazos sé quien soy. (In your arms I know who I am).

you sonrisa and the brillo of mishans. (Your smile is the brightness of my days).

script all the dias because in te you could besar all noches. (I write you every day because I can’t kiss you every night).

nadie ES Perfect, except tú cuando sonrie. (Nothing is perfect except you when you smile).

I won you enjoy it in centimeters of my mouth. (I want to appreciate your smile inches from my mouth).

In the so -called months we have been together, so -called Inalvid moments that Estoy living with you. (I don’t count the months we’re together, I tell the unforgettable moments I’m living with you).

What a great tener to someone in you life that Peda Hacerte Sonreír, included in the East about you. (How great is to have someone in your life that can make you smile, including when you are not close to you).

eres Lluvia de Verano where I move from cuerpo y soul. (You are summer rain where I soak body and soul).

un beso is a verse that is scribe with lips y that is read with cerrado. (A kiss is a verse that is written with the lips and reads with closed eyes).

yo was attentive, so that it dwells on Super to Quien to thank. (I was an atheist, until you smiled and I didn’t know who to thank).

hablar 5 minutes with you causes a 24 -hour sonrisa. (Talking 5 minutes with you causes me a 24 -hour smile).

Pierde El Miedo. La Persona who loves you, love each imperfección tuya, you will feel safe from timeti. You will feel that you are art, that you are life. (Lose fear. The person who really loves you will love every imperfection of yours, will make you feel sure of yourself. It will make you feel that it is art, that is life).

sin locura There is no love. (Without madness there is no love).

I love you for you to be all you mean to mi. (I love you for your way of being and everything you mean to me).

quiero hacer with you that you have hace con la pizza. (I want to do with you what cheese does with pizza).

In the sie of cits, poems y Palabras; Pero cuando te veo, lambras, las citas y los poems snake sense. (I don’t understand much about quotes, poems and words. But when I see you, words, quotes and poems make sense).

y Si no soy el love of you life, confundement con el. (And if I’m not the love of your life, confuse me with him.)

love es like going to war, jamás returns siendo la misma persona. (Love is like going to war, never returning being the same person).

el brillo of tus ojos will have to think that no longer aiming at nadie more. What a solo so much walking with you from La Mano, what a solo so solo is among tus brazos y that no longer wants to nadie more. (The brightness of your eyes makes me think I don’t want to look at anything else. I just want to walk with you hand in hand, that I just want to be in your arms and that I don’t want anything else).

te tocó la mejor version of medi, y ni siquiera tells you Centa. (You have the best version of me and you even want to realize).

ya perdí la from all veces that lost myself thinking about you. (I’ve lost count every time I lost myself thinking about you).

to you side myself at home. (Next to you I feel at home).

ni is wizard, ni yo was Bruja. Pero Cuando we are together, all was magical. (Neither he was wizard, nor I was a witch. But when we were together, everything was magical).

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