40 love messages for the person you love that will move them

Love is what makes the human being alive! After all, being with the beloved side and feeling the reciprocity of this feeling is transformative and extraordinary. And there is nothing more beautiful than declaring this affection, don’t you think? So, share exciting love quotes for the person you love and make her day special!

Love quotes for person you love full of charm and passion

Die of love at the foot of your mouth. Fainter to the skin of the smile. Suffocate with pleasure with your body. Change everything for you if necessary.

I found in your heart a place to call home.

I need your grace to remember, to find myself.

I was born to be yours, even if everything seems to say otherwise. My heart was, it’s and always will be yours!

When you smile at me, my whole world crumbles and I can only think how grateful I am for loving you.

my soul, to dream you, is lost. My eyes are blinded to see you! You are not even reason for my living, for you are already all my life!

The way you give yourself to what you believe makes me love you more and more.

In your eyes, I found everything more beautiful that the world could provide me. I love you, honey!

You got into my mind and never left. You are the light that guides me in this dark world!

The sound of our love is the melody that I choose to hear every day, for the rest of my life.

You are a masterpiece of existence, more beautiful than the muses of the most famous paintings, and could not be different, because the artist who has never failed you!

You gave me eternity within our numbered days.

my love, even the bitterness of life become sweet when I am with you.

I just want to live the intensity of life if it is by your side, because without you, I am nothing!

loving you was the only thing in my life that happened without planning, and the one that worked the most!

You are the sun that has lit up my life again. A reincarnation of my childhood dreams.

Hold my hand, intertwine your soul in mine and we will live the freedom of this love until the end of time.

I love you to start loving you, to start the infinity and to stop loving you ever.

The moment I saw you, my soul turned. Your love rewritten my story!

You are the most important part of my life. I sleep and wake up thinking of us and how our love makes me want to live!

You are the opening of the world’s doors for me.

The sky may even change, simply darken, but when I look at you is all that matters.

love you and be loved by you, makes me convinced that life is worth it.

You are the most beautiful flower I found in the garden of life and promise to take care and ensure you as long as existence allows me.

When I think of you, I can’t help but smile, knowing you complete me. I love you, not only now, but always.

The honey of your mouth added mine, I want you forever and if possible a little more.

When he takes me in his arms and speaks softly, I see life in pink.

If we are the perfect couple, I don’t know, but you are perfect for me.

Your heart emanates light and love, and being in your arms, honey, give me peace!

May others wish fortune, glory, honors, I wish you!

Honey, you are my north, the road that guides me for happiness!

Your hug reloads my energies and the beats of your heart bring me peace. Living without you, for me, is impossible!

Every time I look at your eyes, I see: You are all I need.

You are my sky, my sea, the port I can dock … and being by your side makes me the happiest person in the universe!

All the chains of my heart broke when you arrived. You are my freedom, love!

You may not have been my first love, but it was love that made all other loves irrelevant.

All my insecurities fell to the ground when you arrived in my life. Your love saves me!

You will always be in me.

A life is too short to love you, I need many infinite with you!

few things still make me happy, and you are one of them.

When a heart beats harder for someone, there is nothing to prevent him from expressing what he feels. At this time, words gain a magic that only love provides and the statement genuinely forms transforming the relationship.

In addition, affection, passion and desire to be with the beloved person is good, both for those who verbalize this feeling and for that he listens and from then on everything gains a special glow. >

And if you need more inspiration to manifest your affection, be sure to check out these beautiful and exciting romantic quotes that express the sweet and tender essence of love!

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