40 law of return messages to reflect on our actions

Also known as Karma, the Law of Return is a very present principle in different non -western religions. She is based on the idea that everything we do has a return: be good things, be bad things. To understand a little more about the subject, check out these citations of the return law we have separated and reflect!

40 Return Bill that will make you think better about life cycles

Beware of the evil you practice, because forgiveness comes from God, but the consequences come from life.

Who hurts affections, with affections will also be injured.

The Law of Return is very slowly, but believe me: it arrives without warning and makes the world rotate.

I wish you wisdom so that you learn as soon as possible to hurt others is to determine your own fall.

The world is round, he spins and, one hour, everything we do comes back to us.

What we do in this life we ​​reap now or in the next incarnations.

Be at peace. Those who hurt you made a debt to the Return Law. You don’t.

From this life I have only one certainty: the law of return. Everything that goes around comes around. And double.

The universe gives you everything you do. Be good things, be bad things.

Life is an echo: you get what you em.

From the moment you make a choice, you are required to live with her consequences, whether good or bad.

There is no punishment, there is no reward, what exists is a consequence. Planting is free, but harvest is mandatory. Everything in life has a price.

Everything comes with a purpose and everything goes for a reason.

The less you react to negativity, the more peaceful your life becomes.

Those who trust the Law of Return do not avenge, just let life charge.

Some things in life are priceless, but they have exchanged.

Everything comes back. Does this scare you or comfort you?

A toast to the Law of Return, because of it no one ecapa.

Evil should not be returned, leaves for life to charge.

Do not spread thorns along your way. Your return can be barefoot.

The stop is to do good. We need it- and we are an army against evil. The evil practiced an hour embraces who practiced. It is not a matter of the law of return. It is not a matter of revenge. This is life.

The result of what we do awaits us later.

Not everything is spell or demand, sometimes it is just the law of return. Remember: you reap what you plant.

Never get avenge, just feel and wait. Those who hurt others usually end up destroying themselves.

I do not wish you badly, I wish you reciprocity and that you know how to deal with her.

Forgive. Do not keep a grudge or feeling of revenge. Life is fair and no one leaves without paying debts.

The world spins, another day and more drama. But not for me, not to me, all I think is in karma.

This is the law of return and no use crying.

We all have our debts to get it right with the universe. Some more, a few less.

Remember that each action echoes on others and yourself. Nothing goes unnoticed for the Law of Return.

Plant love and collect smiles. Plant evil and harvest tears.

Do good, want good, the rest comes.

I prefer to leave this in the account of the Return Law. One day the invoice arrives.

fell? Get up and do not drop who pushed you. The person will fall alone.

Do you remember the Law of Return? She still remembers you!

Hi, it’s me, the karma. I came to charge you. Are you ready?

Karma never loses an address. He leaves well noted.

You will never know the evil you have done for a person until the same thing happens to you. That’s why I’m here. Signed: Karma.

The Law of Return is sharpening your nails and ending a drink. She said she soon finds you.

Some people create their own storm and still get angry when it rains.

The law of return is present in different philosophies and oriental religions, such as Buddhism. And now that you know a little more about her, how about checking reflective Buddha quotes?

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