40 “I am like this” messages that will show your personality to the world

Each person is unique and has his own personality, this is what makes us so special. Therefore, do not feel bad when someone points out your flaws, for each defect is part of you. The important thing is always to seek personal evolution, shameless of what you are. Check out inspiring quotes from “I am like this” and celebrate for being so unique!

Quotes I am like this half crazy

Who doesn’t have a little madness in itself, normal is not. After all, at times we need to extravate anger, disappointment and even joy through madness. Check out what the quotes below say about it!

Half of me is crazy and the other too.

I’m not easy. I am stubborn, impulsive, half crazy and I have patience zero level. But I’m loyal, strong and authentic.

I am like this: half crazy, kind of serious. The secret is the balance.

She is a little crazy. Jump, shout, sings and know how to tease the smile on anyone.

I’m not complicated, I’m just a little crazy.

I’m sweet, but I’m also a little crazy. So don’t abuse!

I’m stubborn, sincere and I like things my way. I’m kind of crazy, but I’m still responsible!

I’m like that crazy, but don’t be alarmed. What fun would I have if I were the same as everyone?

You look and think I’m kind of crazy, but I call your own personality.

My crazy half would never let me be normal.

Quotes I am so intense

Intense people can scare others who are trapped in the shallow. If for you life is all or nothing, throw headfirstly on the quotes we selected to celebrate your intense way of being!

I have no vocation for the warm. Either freezes or catches fire!

I’m intensity, I don’t know how to be half.

If my intensity scares you, I’m sorry. I prefer to drown than swim in the shallow.

It is pure intensity and does not live in half.

I am intense as the fire that burns inside me.

Here is all intense, from love to contempt.

I am like this, intense, made of storms. I only interest me to live in totality.

I am not Scorpio, but I am the very intensity in person.

I am like that, intensity from head to toe. From the brightness in the look to an incredible strength to fight.

My name should not be a noun of its own, but an adverb of intensity.

Quotes I’m like this and I won’t change

These quotes are for the stubbornness on duty, for those who do not give up their own personality. Check it out below and affirm to the world that you are anyway and will never change!

I’m a defect well, a lot of mistake and I won’t change my way of being.

Like you or not, I’m like this and I’m not with the slightest desire to change!

I’m a unique person and that’s what makes me different from others. I won’t change!

Think what you want about me, I won’t change my way of being for that.

Even if everyone turns against me, I won’t change. Or accept or freak out!

My happiness is my priority, I won’t change.

Didn’t you like it? Patience! For I am like this and I do not change for anything, not anyone.

I won’t change just because people can’t handle what I am.

I won’t change, no. I will stay are. Even if it’s alone, I won’t give in.

I love me first, you can find me selfish, but I won’t change.

Quotes I am so full of failures

How beautiful the world would be if everyone admitted that they fail. No one is perfect and so we need to recognize our mistakes and deal with those of others. Learn to accept your defects with the quotes we have selected.

Be original, we are fed up with copies!

I am like this and I am proud of everything I am, even how full of failures I am.

I’m not a perfect person, I have a thousand flaws. But make sure in me there is no room for falsehood.

I accept myself as I am. I accept my defects, my numerous flaws and forgive myself for not being perfect.

I have many flaws, just as all roses have thorns.

I’m full of flaws, I’m not as they would like me to go. But I’m as I want to be, the way I’m happy.

Even full of defects, it is a pleasure to be myself!

It is full of defects, basically because it is real.

sincerity is to make peace with your own flaws and allow yourself to be happy.

I have many qualities, flaws even more, but it would not change anything!

When we accept every trace of who we are, we nourish the most genuine love. Keep reflecting on who you are with our personality quotes.

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