40 happy-to-live messages for you to find reasons to smile

When we learn to live life with joy everything is easier. We come to value every moment of our day and our problems no longer torment us. We realize that we have more to thank than complain and we can convey this positivity to people who live with us.

To inspire more people to live life this way, we made a list with quotes of joy of living. They will show you that there is nothing better than enjoying life the way it is and being happy for everything that happens in it. Check it out and reflect how you have lived yours!

Quotes of joy to live to thank the wonderful things that happen to you

I don’t want a happy ending, I want to be happy all my life!

When we learn to smile at life, nothing and no one can steal us the joy of living!

The joy of living is to feel gratitude for all the moments of life, even the bad.

Living happy is living well with life!

Cultivate the joy of living and you will see that beautiful things can happen at any time.

In the joy of living resist all the difficulties!

Smiling is my life, joy is my world and happiness is my destiny!

Let the joy of living sprout in your heart and have a wonderful day!

Living is being happy and it only happens when we put our best smile on our face and surround ourselves with those who want us well.

That today the happiness of living contagies all your moments!

Life is not perfect, but I don’t let anything take me the joy of living.

Happiness is not in living, but in knowing how to live. No longer lives what you live most, but what you live best.

Living and not being ashamed to be happy.

I’m happy, because I like myself, my life and I don’t compare what I have with what others have.

You can’t live life waiting for Friday to be happy. Monday is also day to be happy!

Happy life is the tranquility of the mind!

Living is difficult and risky? So let me excuse me that I love challenges, I love risks, I love to live!

I love my life and I’m happy like that!

The joy of living is to share what you live with those who love you.

The secret is to stop chasing happiness and hold it forever on our side.

Do not let the repressed steal their joy of living.

Because to be happy is to live the beauty of simple things.

Be happy! The blessing of living is already reason enough for your heart to feel joy.

A secret to improving life is to put a smile on your face.

Love life as it is!

I know life should be much better and it will be. But that doesn’t prevent me from repeating: it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful!

Happiness is stronger than sadness, so fighting unhappiness with the joy of living!

Life is beautiful, so live intensely and enjoy the beauty of every new dawn.

Living and finding moments of happiness is often in the simplest gestures, the simplest way of living life!

To be happy is to live your life your way without having to hear the reviews of any false judge.

I thank you, my God, for the wonderful gift that is life!

Being good with life is knowing that perfection does not exist, that not everyone will like us and be happy anyway!

The secret to being happy is to accept the place you are in life today and give your best every day.

If you want to live a happy life, tie yourself to goals and not to people or things.

My life is wonderful! Yours can also be if you wish!

Enjoy life and all the happiness it has to offer you!

Feel the joy of this new morning and thank you for all the good that exists in your life!

Happiness is the certainty that our life is not going to the useless!

Being happy is not just summarizing our life at a good time. Being happy is also to enjoy life with people we love and do us good!

I was born to be happy, not normal!

It’s amazing to live with cheerful people, because even unintentionally they can cheer our lives. For you to make your friends’ day happier, we have selected our list of cheerful quotes that will make them smile. Check it out and share!

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