40 grief messages for mothers that will help you face this feeling

It is never easy to lose someone we love. When this happens, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, these mourning quotes for mother will help you express your pain. After the storm, a beautiful rainbow will emerge to eternalize this special person in your heart. Keep the affection and good times, because mothers are eternal!

Mother’s mourning quotes that will help bring comfort

Mother, her only defect was not being eternal. I will keep you forever in my heart. Mourning!

I didn’t know what pain was until you see you leave. Mom, I hope one day we meet again. Send me strength!

Today my heart is broken and will never be the same. Mother, may God receive you with open arms.

Mother, you may have broken, but my love will never die. I will keep you forever in my heart.

Today is a very sad day on earth, but I know that the sky is celebrating. He is receiving the most special person I have ever met, my mother.

Mother, you illuminated anywhere that passed. That must be why the sky is so radiant today. Go with God, I love you.

The only thing bigger than the pain I’m feeling now is my love for you. Mother, it will be difficult to live without your presence.

Half my heart cries and the other only feels gratitude for having the chance to be your daughter. Mom, I’ll love you forever. Mourning!

It’s so good to hear just good things from you. I had no doubt that you were very loved. Mother, you will always be in our hearts.

Mother, I will always smile when talking about you. You became my best memory, go with God.

You already protected me here on earth and now I’m sure it will be my 24 -hour guard angel in heaven. Take care of me, mom! I miss you already.

Today I lost the most important person of my life, my mother. I hope I can honor you and be the daughter you have always dreamed.

There are no words that express my pain right now. But there is nothing that can describe the amazing human being you were, Mother.

Mother, good that God chose me to be your son. Life was more beautiful with you by my side. That you are already at peace next to Him.

You left and together it took a piece of my heart. But you will always be alive in my memory, mother. I don’t forget for anything!

I will spend the rest of my life missing you and remembering how phenomenal you were. Mother, I will love you forever and ever.

Mother, the only thing that comforts me right now is how special you were. No wonder God wanted you close to Him.

Tears keep falling, but I’m sure they don’t compare themselves with the amount of smiles beside you. Mother, go with God.

Sometimes we do not understand God’s plans. Today my mother is gone, but inside my heart she will never leave. I love you!

Mother, a warrior woman who fought so much forever give me the best. You were my best! That you can now rest in peace.

My mother was like this, a rainbow that illuminated the heaviest gray clouds. And now, the sky will be an explosion of colors. Eternal grief!

There is no thing about you that I will not miss. Ah, mother, how you made my life happier!

The Batish Woman you went will inspire me for the rest of my life. Mother, today you left, but it will always be my greatest example.

May I be to my children at least half of what you went to me. Mother, you were perfect, I will love you to eternity.

Now I can’t stop crying, but I know that one day I will only be smiles when they touch your name. How special you were, Mother.

Life goes on in the blink of an eye and today you have rested. Mother, I’m sure you are in a much better place!

When I have to talk about something good, I will always talk about you. Mother, you will never be forgotten in our hearts.

What a beautiful family you built. Mother, you were our foundation. Protect us from where you are.

Now I only have the photos and the memories. May they be enough to convey me so much affection and you. Mother, I’m already missing you.

God, welcome the most special person I’ve ever met, my mother.

Our connection will exceed the boundaries of the sky. My mother, I hope we are soon.

The world would be better if you had more people like you. May your legacy live forever in us, Mother.

I know I can smell each flower from a huge garden, but none of them will have its smell. Mom, you were my comfort. Rest in peace.

Mother, you have always been my star and now will illuminate the sky further. Your light will never go out!

You, you, who was synonymous with joy, today makes many hearts cry. Mother, your departure is being very painful, but I have faith that one day this pain will be softened.

I’m sure this is being the greatest pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Mom, I’m counting the minutes to be with you again. I love you beyond infinity!

Now, my greatest longing will have a name and surname. My mother, may you rest in the lap of Jesus. Thank you for everything!

You are gone, but built the greatest of all riches: our family. Mother, that we can follow strong even without you here. It will be difficult, but let’s get over.

Mother, I’m sure this is not a goodbye, but one until soon. You went to the other dimension of the world, but there is a fixed home in my heart. I will love you beyond the heavens!

Everything seems empty without you. Except my heart, which is full of the love you planted. Mother, I will love you forever. Rest in peace.

Love is one of the most beautiful legacies someone can leave. So let him be enough to comfort your heart. And if you know someone who is also going through this difficult time, pay your condolences by sending these citations from condolences to friend.

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