40 good afternoon messages with affection to brighten your life

There is nothing better than receiving a message from those we like in the middle of the day, right? Check out the good afternoon quotes we have prepared, and make people who live with you feel special.

Good afternoon quotes with love to sweeten the day

You are one of the greatest riches I have! Good afternoon!

Have a good afternoon, and remember that I am here for what you need in the morning, night and dawn too!

a nap after lunch improves everyone’s day. Good afternoon!

I came here to wish you a good afternoon and say that you are very special to me. I miss you!

The fact that we are not together keeps me a warm hug, but I came to wish you a beautiful afternoon and say that I like you very much.

If everything is difficult, look to the sky and remember that life is much greater than your problems. Beautiful afternoon for you!

Good afternoon! Never lose the brightness in the look and the ability to see the beauties of life.

I want your afternoon to be full love and many dear people will be close to you. Good afternoon!

Show affection for those you love, it’s free. I came to wish you an afternoon stuffed with good things!

As well as storms, your difficult days will also pass. Have a good afternoon!

Friendship is the most important ingredient in life. Thank you for existing! Good afternoon!

May your afternoon be radiant and full of good feelings!

If your morning was bitter, eat your favorite dessert candy during lunch and your afternoon will be beautiful, like you!

This afternoon, I wish love to be present in your life!

Enjoy the sun and flourish this afternoon!

Good afternoon! I asked the angels to guide their ways today and always. Big hug!

May the blue sky illuminate your afternoon, just like your smile illuminates our lives!

It’s very lucky my being able to share life with you. Good afternoon!

Good afternoon, and thank you for making my days more colorful!

I want peace to shine in your heart. Good afternoon!

I hope your day is amazing and your problems are all solved. Good afternoon!

I wish from the bottom of my heart, may the most beautiful things happen in your life this afternoon!

Always listen to your heart. Beautiful afternoon!

Never give up on your dreams, God is with you. Good afternoon!

Close your eyes and receive all the affection I’m sending you from here. Good afternoon!

Enjoy with joy every moment this afternoon!

I want this afternoon everything that exists good to multiply in your life!

It was time to come here to wish you a good afternoon. May she be beautiful like you!

I hope that in the rest of this day your heart will be filled with all the affection, love and health that may be in this world, because you deserve it!

May your afternoon be productive, and you very happy!

That this afternoon, your desires come true. A kiss with great affection!

True friendship connects people through the heart, no matter how far they are from each other. A beautiful afternoon for you!

May happiness be present in your heart, and God bless every day of your life. Good afternoon!

May your next hours be blessed. Good afternoon!

Take one step at a time, even though your heart has run a marathon in the morning. Good afternoon.

I took a while of my day to come wish you a good afternoon, with great affection!

Live intensely every second of your day. Good afternoon!

May good feelings invade your heart and you have an excellent afternoon!

Open your eyes well and realize the wonder of being alive. Great afternoon for you, with great affection!

May the sun’s brightness illuminate your whole life. Good afternoon!

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