40 funny single messages to enjoy life and freedom

To be single is having to learn to have fun with your own company. There are ups and downs to be alone, but we always need to look at the good side of all this. So we selected the best funny single quotes. Check it out and laugh a lot while trying to understand why Cupid doesn’t help you!

Funny single quotes to have fun with your marital status

Who needs to date when I can eat a snack without having to share?

I don’t have a half of the orange, because I think she has become juice and found another one who takes her.

realized that dating could ruin all my plans, so that’s why I’m single, but … if anyone wants to destroy my future, I top.

single life is like this: speaking with a contact while putting another 5 on wait.

single by choice, but this choice was not taken by me, it was for my ex that I no longer wanted to be with me.

I am looking for a love that does not like to share food, because only then will I cease to be single.

I prefer to drink to date because beer will never disappoint my heart.

My love life is like my wallet, empty!

I don’t need anyone to make me happy because I have fun alone with the disappointment that is my love life.

I have no problem being single, the others have a problem dating me.

My cupid does not hit the target because it finds no one who is at my height. It has more than 1.70 is not easy.

Being single is easy when you are not needy. The problem is that I am needy all the time.

The problem is that I am single in love and I give my heart to a different person every 5 minutes.

About my love life: only Jesus to operate a miracle.

This year I didn’t give up on love, he who gave up on me. Meanwhile, I just want to know how to enjoy the naughtiness of being single.

I’m not very demanding, I just want someone who likes to eat dogs and don’t ask for a piece of mine.

The only mouth that I am kissing is the liter.

I’m the type of single who likes to be alone, but also likes to date, so I live in contradiction.

I’m very funny to be in a serious relationship, so I don’t start dating.

I don’t believe in Cupid because he never did anything for me, otherwise I believed it.

Hard to be single is to have no talent to flirt and depend only on luck.

I really like the weekends, so I don’t date, because I would have to stop leaving.

Love is blind and it seems that me too because I can’t find mine.

I like to be single because Crush has time to arrive and to leave and I don’t need to satisfy anyone.

I don’t need to find the love of my life, I just need to get rich.

the way my life is, I find it easier to get a job than starting to date.

I pretend to everyone that my goal is to remain single because no one is sick of me.

I find it easier for me to win in Mega-Sena than to earn the heart of Crush.

Who wants to negotiate, I can deliver my singleness for the largest number of benefits.

I’m single, but I’m great to give affection. Who wants to try, I’m donating kisses.

I am happy single on sunny days; On rainy days, I’m not so sure.

The problem is that my heart likes slutty and doesn’t want to get involved with anyone.

At least, being single, I know I won’t be horned.

For lack of option, I chose to be single … but it was the option of people who did not want to be with me.

I have lazy to meet new people, so if I want to date, I will have to go after those I already know.

I love being single because there is no one fighting with me all the time except my conscience.

I already gave up finding a girlfriend, now I will just wait for her to find me.

My love life is equal to my financial life, I don’t leave 0.

I thought being single was just joy and it really is, joy of not sharing snacks. Sadness is in winter that there is no one to warm me.

Just don’t date because I really like sleeping alone in a double bed.

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