40 funny Friday messages to enjoy the best day of the week

Friday is the highlight of the week, because it ends a 5-day fight cycle and starts for the weekend. It’s the day to find the crowd, have fun or enjoy laziness on the couch knowing that there is no time to wake up when dawn. To bring good humor and joy on this day, see the best quotes of funny Friday. Check it out!

Funny Friday quotes to end the week with good humor

There is nothing sadder than waking up, thinking it is Friday and finding out it is not.

The best time of Friday is when work is over and you know you will only need to work again in 3 days.

There are people who are so beautiful and cool that it should be called Friday.

Friday, for me to love you more, only if you fall to a holiday!

When it gives 18h on Friday, even the air is tastier, the birds sing louder and everyone is celebrating.

Friday is that day that we wake up in a good mood and leave the stress to return only on Monday.

The problem of Friday is that her happy part is too short to be enjoyed.

I look forward to Friday just so I can lie on the couch, watching movies and sleep early, just like I do every other days.

My Friday will be insane, I’ll get a heavy comforter, put a movie that makes you cry and gain love from my couch until high hours.

The problem of Friday is that it is at the end of the week and tiredness is accumulated of 5 days of fighting.

Friday is the day to take aspirin as early treatment for hangover.

Today is the day of being fabulous, shining, loving and forgetting that we have responsibility. Today is Friday!

Every Friday I thank God for creating a day of the week that everyone feels good.

On Friday night, I forget that I’m wage earner and I only speak of good things.

There is a great distance between the first and last Friday of the month. In the first, I think I’m king; In the last one, I will be begging again and stay home because the money is over.

Raises your head, princess, today is Friday and when you pass from 00h, you are not backbreaking cat.

will say I’m drunk and, as it is Friday, they are right this time.

Finally came Friday and I can drink without people piss me off.

synonym for joy is to be Friday and be able to leave work straight to the bar and have no time to go home.

The problem of the raining Friday is that we are sad because there is no big guy to be together watching a movie on the couch.

Friday everyone smiles and it seems that suddenly everyone has become rich with so much joy.

Problems are for later, today is Friday and I’m just joy!

As I am a prevented person, I already filled the beer refrigerator to spend Friday in the pure joy of alcohol.

On Friday, I run from boring people because no one can shake my favorite day of the week.

When Friday comes to laugh for no reason, it seems that I was intoxicated with laughter gas.

last gas, personal. Today is Friday and we are short for us to embrace the fullness of being happy and not having to work.

Happy Hour on Friday is all day because it is a comport day for happy time only.

Unfortunately, there is no Friday after another and we have to wait 7 days to get to the next.

The only defect of Friday is that it is only 24h.

Friday, you don’t leave my head, I think I’m in love.

The accumulated sleep of the week is a bonus that we receive every Friday.

Friday is that cake to cover that we always keep for the end because it is the best part.

Friday has a sweet taste that makes us full of energy to enjoy.

What happens on Friday visit you on Saturday morning with a lot of headache and in the stomach.

Friday always gives hangover, be it drunkenness or longing for what has just happened.

Life is too short to spend Friday in a bad mood.

There is a happiness pill, but it only works on Friday.

Friday, if you want, I agree to live glued to you.

It is a pity that the great love of my life only comes every 7 days and only lasts 24h.

Waking up and remembering that it is Friday is like winning the lottery of good news early.

Nothing takes the good mood on the best day of the week. And if you are a fan of a happy hour, you will love these Friday quotes with beer. Check it out and enjoy this moment with friends!

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