40 funny beer messages to laugh with the American cup in hand

Beer is a national passion that only brings joy to those who consume it. Just open a can that the smile comes straight to the face. It looks like magic! Does this also happen to you? So open the freezer, take a glass, serve and run to read the best funny beer quotes. Check it out and share with your LitrĂ£o partners!

Funny beer quotes to read opening a cold

My friendships are based on those who are willing to have a beer with me.

My best friends are the ones I graduated sharing a cheap liter because no one had money, but I would like to drink.

Don’t treat you like Heineken who treats you as Itaipava.

cold beer speaks directly to my heart.

I like to color my life with yellow and white inside a glass mug.

Beer makes me do nothing but what I don’t want. The point is that I want some things that I will regret later.

Wherever I have cold beer, I will be.

I drink every day and I’m healthier and happier than people who don’t drink.

Food may be missing in my refrigerator, but there will be no shortage of beer!

I like beer, getting drunk is a consequence of liking so much!

Beer does not have to be good, it has to be cold, because after the third you don’t even remember which one you are taking.

The desire to have beer is so much that I am imagining that my water has barley.

Money spent on beer is investment in my own happiness.

A cold beer has already warmed my heart more than love.

A beer because I’m sad, a beer to celebrate, a beer to relax and, when I saw, I was drinking all day, every day.

I don’t know why my money never ends, but it must be because I have beer every day.

Find someone who looks at you in love like I look at my glass of cold beer.

I get the character of people based on the fact that they like beer or not to find bitter.

If the beer did not exist, I would not have so much good history to tell.

I started drinking beer because it was cheaper and ended up spending all my salary on beer. After all, I fell in love.

No matter where I am, hearing the noise of the can opening gives me a shiver of happiness.

It is only truly happy who can have beer at the time you want.

I don’t know what happens to this desire to wake up and already want to have a beer.

The price of beer rising and the salary is still the same … so it is difficult to play my addictions.

A good day always ends in beer. A bad day, too!

I don’t keep money on health because I spend everything on happiness buying beer.

There is not this business of not having beer in the cold. Alcohol always helps to heat up.

Drinking every day, yes, because beer is my best company for all hours.

Just know me who has already had a beer box with me.

It’s amazing how, from glass to glass, I take a quick beer pack.

I know the time to start having beer, but I never know the time to stop.

I miss when I spent little getting drunk on two cans of beer. Now, it’s just Jesus in the cause.

Happiness is selling canned, in a glass bottle, in different sizes, marks and colors.

Beer is not bad, what is bad is to be without drinking; The hand comes to tremble.

Do you know what is better than having a cold beer on a hot day? Take several beers!

I may be tired, sleepy, finished, but if you call me to have beer, I get excited quickly.

I know how to live without love, but without beer would be impossible.

Drinking beer does not kill, but not drinking kills me with stress.

Beer, forgive me for one day to say that you were bad. I didn’t love you and now I don’t live without you.

My best friend is beer because it is with me at all times and never leaves me.

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