40 Forgiveness Messages for Boyfriend That Will Mend His Wounded Heart

Even if your intention is always to make your love feel happy and loved, in a relationship it may happen to hurt the person we love.

See our list of forgiveness quotes for boyfriend to demonstrate your regret and how much you want to resolve soon!

Citations of forgiveness to boyfriend who will make him forget what happened

Forgive me, I can’t live away from you, my love.

From the bottom of my heart, forgive me? I love you forever and want you with me forever.

If I left you upset, if I made your heart hurt, if I made a tear run on your face, please, sorry!

I’m feeling very bad for everything that happened … Forgive me? I love you!

I was wrong and as I can’t go back in time to do differently, I want to apologize to you, love!

I can’t forgive myself for acting this way with you. Sorry, love!

Can you ever forgive me for the silly I did?

I don’t know why we hurt those we love most, when we just want to make them happy. I’m sorry, my love!

I’m sorry for the sad and bad hours that I made you pass. It was not my intention to make you suffer.

I apologize, my love, if sometimes I speak without thinking.

I know I made a lot of mistakes, but never doubt my love for you. Please, I’m sorry.

I will never forgive myself, but I will do everything to regain you. Sorry, love!

Accept a kiss full of love and loaded with the most sincere excuses.

From heart I apologize and with all sincerity I promise to change if you can forgive me.

If I said something or did something that made you hurt, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize!

You are my love and would never want to hurt you. I’m sorry, I love you!

wanted you to find strength in your heart to forgive me. I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you.

Forgive me, I can’t live away from you, my love!

You are all I need. I ask you to forget all this and forgive me.

Nothing justifies my attitudes, but I hope my regret shows how I would like to change everything that happened.

I care about you a lot and I am very sad to know that I hurt you. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!

I am completely embarrassed by what I did. I’m sorry, love!

My heart is injured just thinking that I hurt yours. Please forgive me!

I was wrong, I failed, but I’m sure we can fix it together. Forgiveness, love!

My love, let’s leave the hurts and resentment aside. Forgive me!

I’m sorry for saying things I shouldn’t, sometimes doing things without thinking, for the words that hurt you, for everything I did and for all that I didn’t do!

I’m sorry for all the moments that I made our happiness disturbed, love!

It hurts a lot to know that you are hurt with me. Forgive me, love!

I don’t want to lose you for my idiots. I need you by my side. I ask for forgiveness for all that may have hurt you, love!

I know you’re upset with me, but I wanted to ask you a chance to redeem me, love. Forgive me!

My intention was never to hurt you, my love. Forgive me!

I was so overwhelmed with my life that I disconnected in those who did not deserve it. I’m sorry, love!

I’m sorry, because when I hurt you, I hurt me in the same intensity. Forgive me for saying things without thinking, love.

I would like to be kissing you now instead of missing you. I’m sorry for hurting you, love!

I promise this will never happen again, love. I just ask for one more chance to show that I have the best to make you happy.

Forgive me, because I went through the limits and cannot bear to know that I hurt you. You’re everything to me. Please forgive me!

I know I was wrong, but our love is greater than anything that happened. I’m sorry, love!

I am sorry for being an idiot, I was out of myself. You know that I would never treat you that way.

You taught me right and wrong, you taught me to live. And that’s why, my love, that I love you. Forgive me!

Living without you always let the sky gray and my eye always cloudy. Forgive me, love!

apologizing for our mistakes demonstrates maturity. See our other list of excuses for you to get the forgiveness of those who hurt.

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