40 emotional messages that will speak directly to your heart

In life, emotions always speak louder. Happy, in love, excited to sad, the important thing is to know that they make each one feel more alive. To dive into the most beautiful sensations about love, happiness and reflect on them, check out the best emotional quotes and let your heart be flooded with the most intense sensations!

Emotive Quotes for Status

We have so little time to live, I don’t want to lose anything!

To live without thrilling me is living in half and I like the intensity of being whole.

To move me, I need to believe me, my strength and my victory.

Life is better when we are next to the people who make us better.

When the heart speaks louder, until reason obeys.

Time not for just because you want it, but if you learn to take advantage of it, it passes at the right speed to make unforgettable marks.

It is absurd to go through life as passengers instead of drivers.

much better than having, is being. It is better to be friends with someone than having friends.

The soul finds happiness when it is filled with the best feelings.

friend is the one who understands our gaze and does not ask us to explain what we are feeling.


We don’t know what tomorrow will look like, so live today with all your heart.

What would life be without emotions? I don’t want to find out!

To ignore emotions is to live in apathy and this is the worst way to live our days.

In each fall, we have the opportunity to climb a new way and redo ourselves.

Being alone is not bad, but life is always better accompanied. Whether for a love, family or friends.

What is difficult requires more of us, but it is much more worthwhile and thrills us beyond the imagined when we conquer it.

Sometimes people just need us to be next to them, not saying anything, just being present.

The most sincere hug we can give is the best gift we have to offer.

God never takes us what is ours. He delivers us from what he has no space in our lives and prevents us from growing.

To live is also to doubt everything, because it is the questions that move us to wisdom.

Emotive Quotes of Love

love with all the heart, because no one deserves to live or feel a love in half.

It is love that color life and makes our hearts be filled with the most beautiful emotions.

If you are willing to be loved, you need to learn to love as people need.

Love requires exchange, because we give a little bit to receive a lot of love.

Just looking at you, makes me want to cry, but a cry of joy because I found the love of my life.

Take good care of your love, for it is he who presents you with everything that is most beautiful in this life.

Love makes us hear beautiful music every day. This is the melody of happiness.

When love dwells in hearts, he sends away all bad feelings.

Love is not a desire for power, love is the desire to see the other always happy.

Love does not allow jealousy to win, love always seeks to win.


All We Need Is Love. (All we need is love.)

You’re Far Too Young and the Best Is Yet To Come. (You are very young and the best is yet to come.)

it is our choiices that show what we are truy are, far more than our abilities. (These are our choices that show what we really are, much more than our skills.)

and I, I’m Only Got One Life To Live. I’ll Let Every Second Point to Him. (And I only have one life to live. I will let every second point to him.)

Gotta Stop Pretending What We Ain’t. (We have to stop pretending to be what we are not)

in Real Life it Doesn’t Always Work Out… (in real life it doesn’t always work)

Sometimes, Goodbye is a second chance. (Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.)

People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways. (People fall in love in mysterious ways.)

life’s Too short to have reggats. (Life is too short for regrets)

Gotta Keep My Head Held High. (I have to keep my head up.)

To live is to feel everything I can in full. To have more intensity in your days, see these intense quotes and surrender to life in full!

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