40 cute messages for your crush that show you’re hooked

When Crush takes over your heart, it is not worth wasting time making games. Show that you are at his and do not want to leave it later. To do this, check out the best cute Crush quotes and declare your feelings. Share the one you know you will conquer you.

Cute Crush Quotes who declare their feelings

After I met you, I understood how beautiful life is depending on the companies.

I surrendered at once because I don’t like to think too much. I like to live the feeling when it comes, especially when it comes to you.

You are the most irresistible thing I’ve ever seen and get even more special when I smiled after I kiss you.

Your lips are addictive and I could spend my whole life kissing you.

With each passing day, I’m more yours and I want more than you.

Your smile crumbles me, tears me, baking myself and makes me feel love.

When I see you, I feel awakened in me feelings that were dormant and it is so good to feel them for you.

I discovered by your look that life is more beautiful and more colorful. Thanks for making me see this way.

I am letting this feeling come in and wishing it dominate me, because it is too good to like you.

Your hug has a good smell and makes me feel at home. Come give me a hug?

Since I met you, all my affection and affection are for a single person, you!

I’m just waiting for you to smile to tell you once again how beautiful your smile is.

I close my eyes and see your face. How good to remember every detail of yours and be able to admire you from afar.

We are wasting time being away from each other. I want to stick to you and feel your touch all the time.

We are full of defects and fears, but we do not let them disturb what we feel for each other.

Your look sees straight into my soul. Your superpower is to recognize me simply as you look at me.

I started wanting to see you sometimes and now I want to see you all the time.

I want more of your kisses, more of your hugs, more of your presence, more than you.

I’m ready to say that you move with me and make me dream about a future affectionate future.

your mouth made me want to kiss you and, when I did, I found it was because it fits perfectly to mine.

The butterflies of my stomach get even crazy when I see you. I think they like you and me too.

You can call me. I usually don’t like to talk to anyone on the phone, but I love to hear your voice.

I would like time to stop when I’m by your side just so you don’t have to leave.

Agreement thinking of you because you continue with this habit of appearing in my dreams.

Don’t wait for longing to beat, come soon, because I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

If you are curious to know what I’m thinking, you can be sure that I am thinking of you.

I already have all our story written in my head, I just need to know if you get to live with me.

Agreement thanking our meeting because it was wonderful to meet someone who messes with me so much.

Maybe, we have already loved each other in other lives. I hope we can repeat this story in this one.

I’m willing to take care of you, I just need you to say you need me and want me.

I unintentionally fell in love, I didn’t fight, I didn’t avoid. This natural love was born in me, I want you the way you want.

If you want, we marry or date, we stay or curl. What I want most is that you want me, for a moment or for a lifetime!

Freezes your look at mine. Hide that you have already realized that all my love is your love.

Calm, just kiss me! Shut up my mouth, take me from this place.

Come to my life. Come, I don’t want anything else or anyone else.

I am jealous of the sun that can warm you. I am jealous of the wind that touches you. I am jealous of who can love you, who can have you forever.

Your smile is worth more than a diamond.

What’s behind this smile that makes me fissured on you?

Everything looks more beautiful when you are around. You led me to delirium, so I confess, your kisses are burning.

Let’s do this, I take care of you, you take care of me … I don’t give up on you or you from me. Let’s go to the end!

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