40 crying messages to overflow your feelings

crying is a way of expressing yourself, putting all feelings (good or bad) out of your heart. Many people prefer to hide when they cry, others already like to openly express everything they feel. The important thing is to understand that crying is good for our lives, because it washes us and renews us. Check out the best crying quotes and overflow all your feelings.

Crying and Pain Quotes

Crying can be a great remedy to heal heart wounds. With these quotes of crying and pain, you will better understand how tears can soften our suffering. Check it out!

When the pain no longer fits the chest, overflows with the eyes.

crying is to decrease the depth of pain.

I tried to be strong and not cry, but sometimes crying is the best outburst.

Let me cry to soften what I can’t say, but I know how to feel.

Maybe I don’t cry, but it hurts.

When you cry, three things are clean: the eyes, the heart and the soul.

crying because it is the only way to get rid of this pain.

When I remember, I feel a pain and hits so hard, you don’t want to stop anymore. So the comfort I have is crying.

God transforms crying into smile, pain in strength, weakness in faith and dream into reality.

crying relieves the greatest of what exists: the pain of the soul.

crying can last one night, but joy comes in the morning.

Choro Quotes for Love

Like everything in life, loves have an end. Even knowing this, we suffer a lot when we live loving disappointments. So you can overcome this and move on, we made a selection of crying quotes for love. Check it out!

What if tears are just a way to water the next garden?

How can you call it love, when you cry more than you smile?

coward is not the one who cries for love, but the one who does not love for fear of crying.

I don’t cry for you, I cry for love.

From your love, I only have tears left.

I can cry one, two, up to five days in a row. But you can be sure that when my cry is over, you will have nothing more.

Here I am, crying for the lack of your love.

crying. I cry because I don’t have you, I cry because you’re not here with me.

I hope all the tears I am spilling washing my soul once and for all the frustrated expectations of being happy by your side.

Unpreamed love always turns into tears.

Crying quotes of longing

Sometimes we miss the lack of someone that this lack turns into tears. Use one of our missing crying quotes to express all this feeling you feel for those who are far away.

They asked me to define longing. I smiled crying.

This sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlonging is made of tears that cry for not having you by my side.

I cried, I told you? I cried jealousy, longing … I cried willing to be with you.

I miss when my crying found his lap.

After so many tears, I realized in longing this beautiful side of not letting things die.

Who leaves for the other world leaves tears of longing and immortal memories.

Today I am tears, pain and longing, because you left to never go back.

The more tears of longing I cry for my mother, the less I feel alone. The certainty that she lives inside me makes the sadness join with eternal love.

The most beautiful tear is that of longing, because it is born of laughs that are gone, dreams that are not over and memories that never go out.

Quotes of crying in silence

There are times when we are smiling, but crying inside. If you do not know how to express to people all the pain you are feeling in your own words, use one of the crying quotes in silence to follow.

cried, but it was invisible, and no one noticed the cry.

Silence can be the noisiest cry of a person.

When I’m silent, it’s because I cry inside.

In the dark, I cry in silence.

I don’t know if I cry, if you are disappeared or pretend I’m fine.

My tears explain what my words are unable to conclude.

The heaviest tear is one that does not fall.

I cry in silence, because I’m afraid to open myself and not stop shedding.

I may be smiling, but I cry every night before bed.

crying because it is the only way to vent.

There are times when we feel that our forces are running out. When this happens, read one of these quotes about being strong and keep hope inside you!

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