40 confectionery messages that will make your life sweeter

The noble art of confectionery helps make people’s lives lighter, tasty and sweet. It is really hard to find who doesn’t like candy. If you are that kind of person ant, then you will love these beautiful and very fun confectionery quotes. Enjoy to send to all the confectioners you know!

Confectionery quotes for lovers of this culinary art

I want life with coverage and a lot of stuffing.

Happiness lives in a piece of cake and I ate.

The kitchen is small, but full of love.

Remember: In any candy, the most important ingredient is love.

Preparing a candy with love and dedication is also feeding the soul.

For you who live thinking about politics, I wanted to say that my cake is a great party.

confectionery is just a different way of loving.

In all candy you do, make sure to put an extra pitch of love, affection and a lot of dedication.

confectionery is not service, it is a form of love.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a brigadeiro.

I went after happiness and came back with a brigadeiro box.

The art of confectioner is the noblest there is, because it sweetens the taste and the heart.

With sugar and affection, I made your favorite sweet.

The confectioner that does not cook with passion does everything wrong. A good candy is the result of much affection and love.

sweeter than the cake, only the confectioner that made it.

Love is a warm cake made with all the affection of the world.

Enjoy the little things, like a very sweet brigadeiro.

From all the ingredients of life, love is the sweetest.

I don’t know how to pack love, so I made you a tasty sweetie!

It is always good to have a confectioner by your side, because it will make your sweeter life at all times.

Confectionery is not just a profession, it is an art, a passion.

Happiness is just a matter of chocolate.

Do not leave tomorrow the candy you can prepare and eat today.

My soul is only happy when I am conferring.

Make sweets, don’t make war.

It can be a simple dumpling or an elaborate cake, it doesn’t matter. When the confectioner puts love, he becomes the best candy in the world.

Happy customers make a happy confectioner.

confectionery and love are synonymous.

The secret of every good confectioner is to put a generous spoonful of passion in all sweets.

Eating is a necessity, confection is a passion.

If nothing works out, try a piece of chocolate cake!

To confection with love is to transform all the sweets into art.

confectionery is the art of mixing affections.

The correct point of any candy is when it exudes smell of love.

tasty is that sweetie you eat and feels all the tenderness of the confectioner that prepared you.

It was in the confectionery that I found my true vocation and passion: sweetening people’s lives.

confection is to do poetry to be tasted.

In the confectionery there is not a day that is bad, because everyone is sweet!

The mission of the confectioner is to make everyone’s life lighter, hot and sweet.

The taste of life depends on whoever confectionery.

Did your glycemic index have just read these quotes? So enjoy and continue to taste these delicious chocolate quotes!

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