40 blessed Monday messages to start the week off right

Starting the week with a positive attitude can make all the difference throughout it, and infect the people around you. See beautiful quotes from Monday blessed to wish your acquaintances a good day and to inspire you to have a great day. Check it out!

Blessed Monday quotes to illuminate your day

A new beginning, a blank paper and a lot of potential for great things to come. This is what the blessed Mondays really are!

Have a great Monday! May your week be very blessed.

I wish you a blessed Monday and full of achievements. Start your week well!

Life is not always easy, but it is like that. Be strong, better days will come. I wish you a blessed Monday!

Happy Monday! Have a blessed day and full of new achievements.

May you start your Monday with the renewed spirit, a new vision and with a lot of peace in the heart. May God bless your day!

Have a wonderful, blessed and full of new motivations!

When life gives you another Monday, make it a blessed day and full of emotion!

Thank you for another blessed Monday for you to win your dreams.

Train your mind to see the good side in everything. Happy Monday, have a blessed day!

Have a blessed Monday! This is a great day to renew your thoughts and want a new beginning.

Today is Monday of “Make a Change”. Take a look at yourself. If you don’t like what you see, dedicate yourself to making a change. From adopting healthier habits to learning what is best for you, taking care of yourself is always important.

I love on Mondays because, like any other day, it’s a great day to be alive!

Mondays are made of anxiety, chaos and stress, but are also full of new beginnings and opportunities to start over. Have a blessed day!

Mondays are the beginning that we all need at the beginning of the week.

Monday morning is the beginning of a new week, so make it worth it. Have a blessed day!

If you can start your Monday with a great sense of optimism and blessing, you can do just about anything.

Keep Calm and have a blessed Monday!

May your Monday be full of joy and full of new opportunities.

May God enlighten you and protect you in another week that begins. I wish you a blessed Monday!

Monday is the perfect day to correct the mistakes made the week before. Many blessings for you!

If you want, this Monday will be a blessed day and filled new achievements. Trust and move on!

Today is Monday! Think about what your goals are for the week and make them happen. Plan well, work hard and harvest the fruits. Always remember that hard work pays off.

Monday is the perfect day for a new beginning! It’s never too late to start a new successful journey, enjoy this blessed day.

Today is Monday, the day of believing in a new week full of blessings!

On Mondays, when you have to go back to work, remember to thank you for having a job to go. Not everyone is so lucky!

If you had a bad week, you can start Monday with the determination of having a more blessed week this time.

Despite being Monday, this day can be amazing if you give a chance. So, smile and know that being positive is a choice.

This Monday, refuses to stress with things you cannot control or change. May it be a blessed week!

Stop stressing. Don’t spend all your time just waiting for the weekend to arrive. Enjoy every day because they are all a blessing!

It’s Monday! Wake up, smell the coffee and get ready for a blessed day.

Think less, live more and enjoy your blessed Monday!

Every Monday is a new chance to start a blessed week. Enjoy it!

It’s Monday, the day of motivation and making dreams come true. Don’t let this opportunity pass!

Make Monday be the beginning of something wonderful. Have a great day!

Have a blessed Monday! May this new week be full of blessings, joys and achievements.

God bless this Monday and bring a lot of light to the new week that begins.

Each day is a gift, even on Mondays. It depends only on your perspective and how willing you are about to enjoy the day.

May your Monday be full of positive thoughts, kind people and happy moments. May God bless your day!

I wish you a good Monday! I hope you have a blessed day and protected by God.

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