40 Birthday Wisdom Messages to Celebrate Another Year of Life

Birthday is more than reason to celebrate. After all, we earn another year of life to live the best experiences, but it is also a time to reflect on what has happened and what we want to bring to this new cycle. Therefore, we have selected the best anniversary quotes wisely to congratulate someone you consider. Check it out!

Birthday Wisdom Quotes that teach what really matters

Life goes by faster than we think, so we should enjoy each year with presence, intensity and love. Happy Birthday!

Another year goes on and another year gets. Embrace this opportunity to live your dreams and build unforgettable memories. Happy Birthday!

Take time from your day to analyze how good your life is and thank you for having everything you have. Happy Birthday!

Experience accumulates wisdom in our day. May this be a year that you get wider and wiser. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May your years be the sum of joys, peace and health. Always be open to life’s surprises because they make our days worth it.

To have great achievements, we cannot stand still. Fight for your dreams this new year. Happy Birthday!

May this be a moment of renewal and you feel a breath of life invading your lungs. Happy Birthday!

Birthday is to accumulate wisdom and know that knowledge never comes to an end. I wish you a year full of learning. Congratulations!

Look back with gratitude and forward with faith that you will have even more reason to thank. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! It’s time for party. After all, being alive, time is short and the whole journey is a source of celebration. Celebrate the gift of life daily!

Happy Birthday! Today is a party day and looking at the amount of life we ​​still have ahead. May years of peace, joy and wisdom are.

You are getting another year in your box. May you know how to enjoy him with joy, peace and wisdom. Happy Birthday!

Life gives us a lot of opportunities, but we need to be aware not to lose them. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Always go towards the sun because it takes you to the happiness you have always wanted.

Wisdom is knowing that life has no way to go back and the time we have is now. Enjoy every second of this new year. Happy Birthday!

Do not waste your days feeling angry, change all bad feeling for love. Happy Birthday!

That the wisdom you have achieved over the years do not get out of you, but make you wider and wiser. Happy Birthday!

add all your experiences to your life and don’t let anything make you forget how happy it was. Congratulations on a return around the sun!

What do who we are are the things we live. May you live a lot this year to further add your personality. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Do not take the sorrows of the year before your life if you want to be happy this new year.

Happy Birthday! It is a privilege to celebrate another year of life, so it doesn’t waste bad feelings to your days.

The more we want happiness, the more we have the strength to seek it. Be strong and wise during this year. Happy Birthday!

Wisdom is to understand that not every battle is worth it. Happy birthday. Fight only what you know will earn.

Happy Birthday! It is time to mature, flourish and become even wiser. Take every opportunity to learn.

Our wisest act is to learn to enjoy the company of the people we love while it is time. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! That you unwrap the gifts and realize that you have gained new experiences and new wisdom.

Life is beautiful at any age, we just need to adjust our perspective to realize. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Age is just a number, what matters is our experiences and how we feel inside.

Happy Birthday! May age not make you rude, only wise and with an immense desire to enjoy life.

With age, we learn to appreciate the true beauty of life: people. May you find this wisdom in your year. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The age that sends is that of the heart. May you be wise to live it!

I wish you a lot of wisdom to make your choices and that they all lead you to happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Climb the degrees of wisdom and enjoy your life doing everything that does you good.

Each year, we fill our jar more wisely and learn to live what is worthwhile. Happy Birthday!

That you have wisdom to do even what is afraid if that is what will make you happy. Happy Birthday!

We should never think that we know everything, every year we reserve new learning and wisdom. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May every stage of your life serve to fill you with wisdom and happiness. Nothing we live in is in vain.

When we understand that everything exists for a reason, we stop living wasting our wisdom. Happy Birthday!

Nothing is in vain. All our experiences have something to teach us. May you always learn something new. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! This is your year, just as it has been, because we can always be more as time goes on. You get it!

Let it be a year of many learning for the birthday girl. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our happy birthday quotes. And so that you also take a moment to reflect on your life, see our quotations of wisdom and get inspired!

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