40 birthday messages for a distant boyfriend that bring your love closer

It is not easy to stay away from the beloved, especially when the special dates arrive, but you need to understand that everything has a reason and soon the distance will be just a memory. On this day marked by longing, be sure to celebrate the existence of man of his life. Surprise him with birthday quotes for a distant boyfriend. Check it out!

Birthday quotes for distant boyfriend full of longing and a lot of passion

I would like to see your smile close when I congratulate you, but it will not be possible. May you have a happy and affectionate day. Cheers, my love!

If I had, I was teleporting close to you. My love, celebrate your day because it’s too good to be alive and healthy. Enjoy a lot. Happy Birthday.

Celebrating this day without being able to fill you with kisses seems unfair. Happy Birthday my love. May I soon give you your gift full of love and passion!

Even from afar, I am sending you all my affection and celebrating the day of love of my life. Congratulations! May this be a blessed year.

I may not be by your side now, but I am extremely happy to celebrate your day. Congratulations my love. May you be stronger each day to achieve your dreams.

I live with your miss, but today it squeezed even more. May you get a lot of affection and don’t forget that I love you the size of the world. Happy Birthday, honey!

Promises to me that your next birthday will be grateful? Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I love you.

The best boyfriend in the world is to be congratulated. Cheers, my love. May God bless you and may you come back soon to kill this longing that consumes me.

I’m sure this date will be repeated for many, many years and we will have other opportunities to celebrate it together. Congratulations on your birthday, my love!

I wrapped my kisses and hugs and sent you as a gift for you to feel that I am by your side today. Happy Birthday, my love!

I would like my gift to find you on your birthday, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I miss you, my love. Celebrate your day and existence. I love you!

I am lucky enough to have the best boyfriend in the world and the bad luck of not being able to celebrate his day with him. Congratulations my love. May this be a year of great achievements.

I only want your life full of joy and many happy moments by my side. Congratulations my love. Come back soon!

It was right to have time off on the birthday so we can get together. I’m missing you, my love. Congratulations on your day and may you feel all my affection and passion.

Bandit fate didn’t let us get together today, but we know it makes no difference because I love you and keep cheering for you. Happy Birthday, my love!

I’m lucky enough to have found love in you. Know that I’m missing you and crazy to give you a thousand kisses and celebrate this day. Congratulations!

Today is your birthday and I feel even more the pain of not being by your side. Like as you can and know that I am with you in my thoughts. Congratulations, my love!

It’s not easy to date from a distance, but we get along. I know that soon we will be together. May I soon hug you and wish you congratulations in person. I love you. Happy Birthday!

I would like to have you close to me and that you could feel my affection. As you are far away, I wish your day to be happy and unforgettable. Congratulations, my love!

The distance only increases the longing and the desire to fill you with kisses. May we beat her soon and celebrate her day even if late. Congratulations, Emu Love!

Your day is special to you and me, I love you and I want to always see you well. Happy Birthday. That we can end the longing soon.

I’m trying to focus on other things so as not to be sad that not being by your side. Congratulations my love. That you can smile with joy on this day.

We are distant, but my feelings are always following you. Happy Birthday, my love!

You were my first thought today and I’m thrilled to have you in my life. Even from afar, I celebrate with you. Congratulations, my love!

It is you who makes my life more special, even when you are away from me. I love loving you. Congratulations on your day, honey!

I’m keeping my hug and kiss to give you when you arrive and get ready because they will be intense and missed. Happy Birthday, my love!

Here where I am, your day is beautiful and the sun is shining to celebrate you, my love. Congratulations. May you enjoy and have fun even without me.

My love you travel kilometers just to fill you with joy on this special day. I’m counting the seconds to see you. Happy Birthday for the best boyfriend.

It is not because we are separated that you will not have a beautiful day. Its existence is the most special thing in the world. Congratulations, my love!

The only good thing that will come because we are not together is that you will win two celebrations when you return. Cheers in your new cycle, honey. I love you!

Today is a party day and you celebrate that I celebrate here. Cheers in your new cycle, honey. Know that the kilometers do not diminish my love for you.

I am looking forward to finding you, hugging you and celebrating you. Receive my congratulations full of homesickness and immense and deep love.

Our bodies are distant, but our thoughts unite us. Congratulations, my love. You are the best boyfriend in the world whether close or not.

Our memories make us feel that we are close. May they heat your heart on this special day, my love. Congratulations on your birthday!

I ask God to take care of you and make you very happy that day since I am far away and I will not be able to alone. Happy Birthday!

You are my most precious asset and it is a shame not to be spoil you closely on the day that is your own. May God bless your new cycle, my love. Cheers!

It is not easy to stay away from those I love so much, especially on this special date. Congratulations my love. That time fly and we meet soon.

Knowing that you are well and living a dream comforts me not to be by your side today. Happy birthday. May you feel my love coming and giving you a tight hug.

The man of my life is to be congratulated and will have to celebrate without me. Okay, I’m keeping your hug for later and it will be something never seen before. Get ready, dear. Cheers, my love!

You are the one who makes my life more beautiful and my most special days. Thank you for existing and love me. I am feeling homesick. Congratulations on your birthday!

He will feel that you are close to him with this passionate message. To continue to be present at a distance, check out the missing quotes from your boyfriend and surprise him when the heart squeezes!

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