39 messages of pride to make you reflect on this feeling

Pride is a feeling that should be accompanied by moderation, such precaution is due to the fact that, too much, this feeling can drive people away.

However, when it comes surrounded by love, it can be extremely beneficial for all those around.

This way, we seek to select the best pride quotes to help you demonstrate this feeling or just to make you reflect on it. Choose the phrase you like best and share!


Where it is proud it is difficult to exist love.

When love fills the heart, it leaves no place for anything else. Neither for hatred, nor for rancor, nor for pride.

I am proud of my heart, he has already been broken, betrayed, trampled, mistreated and continues to work.

Pride does not want to duty and self-esteem does not want to pay.

The pride I feel for being your daughter can only be compared to the love I have for you, my mother!

true love is one in which there is no pride, for there is no room for anything but love.

Pride is the poison of any state of love or friendship.

My children are my pride, my life and the greatest and most important reason to get up every morning.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I look at my family and realize that she is blessed with the peace and love of God.

Abandon pride. Allow yourself to love again.

Pride quotes for status

Pride divides men, humility unites them.

Pride of less is submission. Too much pride is arrogance.

The pride of the little ones is always talking about themselves; the great ones to never talk about yourself.

Pride too much rots the virtues of the soul!

Pride and arrogance are defects of the weak, while humility is the quality of the strong.

Your convictions may even change, but never lose your pride.

Do not allow your pride to grow more than your humility.

People should have the courage to assume their own mistakes as they are proud to show their qualities.

You have to decide what is important to you. Keep your pride and have nothing or risk and maybe have everything?

Those who climb the pride steps only increase the impact of the fall.

Citations of Pride and Longing

If you feel the longing tighten, swallow pride, you know where to find me.

warns your pride that my longing took shame in the face.

Who loves: stays. Takes care. Forgive. Understands. Dies of jealousy. I miss you. Forget the pride.

Those who choose to live with pride need to get used to the farewells.

Missing it is the easy part, the difficult part is to put pride aside and run after.

Pride is the biggest distance between two people.

Who lives in pride, misses you.

If you choose pride, get ready for a life of loneliness.

Pride can drive you away from important people from your life.

own pride quotes

It is a pride to know that everything I have achieved is the result of my effort.

Pride is an armor against those who try to lower us at all times.

If you are not proud of what you do today, you will not have the strength to climb the next step tomorrow.

I am not proud of what I have, but what I am!

Own pride is very important, but it should never be accompanied by a smug attitude.

I am very proud of everything I did and I am in life!

It was not always like this, but today I feel proud when I see my reflection in the mirror!

I am proud of what I am. To fight for all my dreams without forgetting who always supported me.

has fallen a few times and now I proudly show all the scars I won, because they did me stronger.

Learning to put yourself first is neither selfishness nor pride. It’s self-esteem.

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