38 short and funny messages to make your day more fun

Your opinion to me is the same as Youtube ad: I ignore in 5 seconds.

Life is ugly with challenges. So if the foreground did not work, try the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the more necessary.

It’s no use spending your life looking for your half of the orange if you are a sour lemon.

Learn one thing: The world does not revolve around you. Only when you drink too much.

I’ve seen a lot of eternal love end in a few seconds.

They say everything that comes back. I think my money was lost along the way.

They said it was astral hell but it’s been a few months since my life is bad.

The best happy ending that exists is the weekend.

Over time I learned the meaning of love for others. Do not love me? Next!

If you make mistakes is human, getting it right must be extraterrestrial.

Love is really blind, because it does not see me at all.

God helps who earlier wins in the lottery.

Don’t throw me indirect. Throw me money.

If life were easy, baby was not born crying.

Looking for a funny relationship, because seriously I’m giving up!

Tell me who you walk with and I will say if I go together or not.

After the storm, the flu comes.

Everything in life goes, less the desire to make money sleeping.

You hunt a million vagals for the person, and they don’t hunt a mosquito for you.

If life is too bitter, it gives a wiggling. Sometimes sugar is in the background.

I dropped the beer, I just don’t remember where!

If you are bored wash the dishes, and if you are not still. Signed, Mother.

Your message has been received, viewed and successfully ignored.

I don’t even think the tip of Durex, imagine the love of my life.

There were rumors that I was at the worst … they can confirm the rumors!

The world goes around. This explains so many dizzy people!

I loved the indirect you sent me. I’ll even enjoy it to piss you off more.

Just don’t dating you because I don’t know if you would endure so much happiness in your life.

I do not agree with a bad mood. Only according to laziness to be cool.

I do not make judgment because I already take wine and I am not mixing.

“Life is made of choices”. Funny, I chose to be rich and so far nothing!

I just leave home with wrinkled clothes, because life passes and we don’t even see it.

Do you know that ice you gave me? I made an iglu.

The best month of the year is that called vacation!

What would humanity be if there was no print?

Before I define my abdomen, I have to define my life.

marital status: enjoying solo career with special appearances.

Many things are resolved with kindness, others, with pimp and some only with chocolate cake.

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