35 Tumblr birthday messages to celebrate with animation

You are only born once, only live once and only have a birthday once a year. Life is too short to waste time. The important thing is to enjoy every second, value friends, have fun and celebrate the special dates. So we selected the best very relaxed tumblr birthday quotes for you to celebrate with dear people. Check it out!

Tumblr birthday quotes to make the birthday girl full of joy

Today the day is all yours! Celebrate with a lot of party, spree and fun. Happy Birthday!

Today is the day to eat cake at your friend’s house. Happy birthday, you wonderful! I adore you.

Happy Birthday! May your day be of great light, celebration and fun. I wish you all the joy of the world for you.

I wish you all beautiful for your life. Have a happy birthday full of light and follow illuminating our life. I love you!

Congratulations! May the day of your birthday be a burst. Many joys. Enjoy every second to celebrate the joy that is you!

Live! Today a very special person is not just getting older, like wiser. Happy birthday. A lot of joy to you.

The birthday is yours, but the gift is mine for having someone so special in my life. Congratulations! I adore you.

friend, smiling a lot does not create wrinkles, but brands of joy that are stories to tell! Happy birthday. I’ll love you even when you’re old.

Happy Birthday! Don’t worry, because you are like wine: the more you get older, the better it gets.

Today, only worry about happiness. You deserve to have fun. Happy Birthday. I love you!

Congratulations to you! May happiness contag the life. Enjoy your birthday day.

Happy Birthday! May your day be magical. A lot of fun and joy for you.

friend, don’t worry, because I won’t tell you your age. Happy birthday, old lady! Enjoy the day.

Now I know why you are getting so grit! It’s old age coming. Happy birthday! Smile and enjoy your day.

Friend, you are not getting older, you are becoming vintage, a classic. Happy Birthday!

You can say that you are queen, because today you are getting more crown. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May your day be very special and full of affection. You are important to me.

The birthday is yours, but the party is ours. Alive! Congratulations! And let’s celebrate.

You find a million reasons to celebrate. Count on my presence. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May this new cycle be full of light and happiness. Enjoy your day a lot.

Today is your day. Happy birthday! Lots of light and positive energy for you. Enjoy every second.

That every year you look more beautiful and radiant. I wish you joy, peace and harmony for you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! You are a person of light that makes the world more beautiful and enlightened. I adore you.

I could say that with each passing year you get younger, but my mother taught me that lying is very ugly. No doubt beauty is not old. Happy Birthday, you beautiful!

Today the party is guaranteed. Happy birthday! Let’s enjoy until the day danss.

Happy Birthday! May our friendship be a longtime partnership. All the best for you.

Congratulations! You just gain a friendship voucher to have my company whenever you want. Happy Birthday!

Today you are the star of the day. Shine a lot. Happy Birthday!

If I were a shovel, I would write you a deep message. As I am not, I wish a happy birthday full of joy and fun.

Happy Birthday! Lots of light, health and money. I’m waiting for the invitation to the party.

ei, don’t forget that my favorite cake is chocolate. Happy Birthday!

If someone says that you are getting older, don’t leave cheap! It gives some crankshafts in the person. Happy Birthday.

Today the party goes only at ten o’clock. You are too old to turn the night in the spree. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish white hair take a long time to appear and that wrinkles go far from you.

I was going to buy candles for your birthday, but there were so many that would not fit the cake. Congratulations on your day!

Birthday needs to be fun! So, it takes the opportunity to check out the funny birthday quotes that will guarantee good laughs to the birthday girl.

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