35 reflection messages about sadness to better understand this feeling

A few days are more complicated. We in the sad feelings, discouraged and without mood, but that’s fine. Sfinal, bad feelings are part of life and learn to deal with them strengthen us, it’s the best way. How about reflecting a little more on the subject? So read these quotes of reflection on sadness and share with those who are also needing.


How to blame the wind by the disorder made, if I was the one who left the window open?

Watch out for sadness. She is an addiction.

In the background I am alone. There are truths that even God even told. And not myself. I am a closed secret to seven keys. The phone does not ring. It hurts. But it is God who saves me.

What we take inside the chest no one knows. Sometimes we support a smile on our face as we feel the whole world collapse inside us.

Sadness is a broken tile in the house of our lives, but hope is a blanket that protects us.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

There is a time that you can’t vent with anyone and you start to understand that your problems are yours, and only you understand your pains.

One of these days, I separate a little time and put all the cries that I have not had time to cry.

Suffering always accompanies high intelligence and a deep heart. The truly large men experience a great sadness, affected by a sudden melancholy.

One day we get tired of being present in the sadness of people who do not invite us to their joys.

Don’t let your fears take the place of your dreams.

I will smile indeed sad. I will get up after falling. I have always been like this, happy, persistent and above all strong.

Some storms arrive only to test the forces of our roots.

It is the storms that teach us to navigate.

If you do not heal from what hurt you, you will always bleed on the people who have not cut you.

I shoulder my shoulders and stared at the world as if it didn’t give it … but it hurts, scares!

You can forgive yourself today, forgive someone who hurt you or just try tomorrow, because doing it now is still a lot. Don’t cover yourself. Look at you as I would like someone to look at you.

Your wound will pass, your pain will pass. Only you will never be like before. You will be a thousand times stronger!

I’m not glass, but I break easy. No one notices the splinters, because it is inside that all the shards spread.

The problem of silence is that he speaks a lot.

It is in difficult times that we discover the strength we have – and believe me, she is giant.

Darkness is part of life, for without it there would be no light.

Remember to light your internal light, even on the most dark days.

Everything collapses an hour, heaven, life, ourselves. But everything also comes back to your place of peace.

To deny sadness is to live it even more intensely. So accept what hurts you. Only then is the cure possible.

Don’t let sadness consume you, don’t let sadness define you. Well, she’s part of life, but she doesn’t say who you are.

It is in the time we need to see who is really on our side. And it’s great to be able to clean up who should not be.

There are few people who are present in difficult times and these are those we should take to life.

It’s okay. I learned to deal with all this alone. Always was like this and always will be. It means I have strength.

Don’t be fooled: I may be smiling, but behind it is immense melancholy.

Don’t cover yourself so much! Everyone is waging a personal battle that no one knows.

Never compare. The conquest of others is not their failure. After all, everyone has bad days, but few talk about.

Never compare your pain, because only you understand it and know where it hurts.

Breathe deep. Everything is fine. It’s okay to feel that way. Trust, will pass.

God extends your hand to your most distressed children, for it is God who comes the most genuine love in the world.

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