35 poetry messages for your girlfriend that will leave her sighing

Ah, love! Few things are as good as loving and being loved back, right? And if you are all sighing, then be sure to express everything you feel with these beautiful poetry quotes for girlfriend. Share on the networks or make the old fashion and send a letter to her!

Poetry quotes for girlfriend who are perfect for romantics on duty

Finding You were the greatest adventure of my life. You made me a better man.

I’m not ready to lose you. I am not prepared to leave me alone.

I wanted to talk about dreams, say my secret desires, which is to drop everything to live with you this unclean desire.

Not all the love poems in the world would be able to demonstrate everything I feel for you. I love you infinity!

Love is a company. I can no longer just walk the ways, because I can no longer walk.

I can tell myself of love (which I had): that is not immortal, since it is called, but be infinite while it lasts.

I never thought I would fall in love so much and so fast with someone. You are the woman of my life!

I wish I could scream, this healthy madness is to be in your arms. Lost by your kisses.

I’m not ready not to have you and just remember you. I am not prepared not to be able to look at you or be able to tell you.

I want your lap. I want your smell. I want your smile on mine. I want you!

I will let you die in me the desire to love your eyes that are sweet. Because nothing will be able to give you but the hurt of seeing me eternally exhausted.

I wanted to have courage to talk about this secret. I wish I could declare this love to the world.

You are my best unexpected.

I need to say that I love you. Win you or lose without mistake. I need to say that I love you so much.

I remember every moment, unique and true. With you by my side we will be very happy, loving us in full.

It was in your smile that I discovered true happiness.

If I do not see, I imagine it and I am strong as the tall trees. But if I see her tremor, I don’t know what is done from what I feel in her absence.

From everything to my love I will be attentive. Before, and with such zeal, and always, and so much. That even in the face of the greatest charm, my thought is more enchanted.

The woman of my dreams wakes up every day by my side.

When we talk, counting cases, so much bullshit so much in common. Letting it escape secrets and I don’t know what time to say. Give me a fear, what a fear.

Die of love, at the foot of your mouth. Fade to the skin of the smile.

The woman of my life came into her when I needed it most.

Love is an eternal, dominant milestone that faces the storm with bravery; It is a star who guides the wandering candle, whose value is ignored at the time.

Don’t be affomed, no, that nothing is for now. Love is in no hurry, he can wait in silence on a closet background, the post-reset. Millennia, millennia in the air.

I want to wake up every day with you by my side. I want to spend my years of old age with you. You are my Love. You are my home.

I love you so much, my love… Don’t sing. The human heart with more true… I love you as a friend and as a lover. In a always diverse reality.

Love, when it reveals itself, is unable to reveal. You know how to look at her, but you don’t know how to speak.

You are my synonym for love. Everything is lighter when I’m with you.

I want an endless kiss, which lasts all my life and applauds my desire!

If you want me, finally, it has to be very slowly. Beloved, that life is brief, and the love even shorter…

Doubt of the light of the stars, that the sun is hot. Even doubts the truth, but trust my love.

so good to be yours that I am your feet shed.

Love is a fire that burns without seeing itself; It is wounded that hurts, and does not feel; It is a disgruntled contentment; It is pain that disats without hurting.

I ask you forgiveness for loving you suddenly. Although my love is an old song in your ears. From the hours I spent in the shadow of your gestures, drinking in your mouth the scent of smiles.

Love does not fear time, although your alphange does not spare youth; Love does not turn from time to time.

There is no girlfriend that resists so much love and beautiful words! Enjoy and continue to spoil the girl with these beautiful quotes for girlfriend.

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