35 messages of eternal miss from the mother who is missed in your days

It’s too hard to have to say goodbye to the person who taught you everything you know and gave you love for a lifetime. When it leaves, the heart floods with a longing that will never leave. Keep your queen’s memory alive in your life with the mother’s eternal missing quotes. Check it out!

Mother’s eternal missing quotes that took a piece of your heart with her

Mother, you didn’t teach me to live without you, without your hug or your advice. So longing hurts so much and will never pass.

longing will be eternal, mother, because you have been and always will be the most significant person of my life!

Mother, since you are gone, I feel empty in my heart and I can’t find it funny. The longing for you took over me! I will honor your memory while I live.

I cling to memories not to lose you in my heart. Missing hurts, mother, but I like to remember you!

I can’t accept your departure because you should live forever, mother. You will be eternal in my heart, as well as the longing I feel for you.

You will remain the most important person of my life and keep your advice in my heart. Eternal miss, mother!

Mother, please look at me and take care of me from heaven. Here, I’m trying to deal with the longing and emptiness you left!

When I want your hug, the longing squeezes more. I still smell it and your presence around the house and it destroys my heart, mother!

You went too early and I had to learn to live without you, but I will never forget you and always miss you, mother.

Longing will not let me forget you or the importance you have for me. Rest in peace, mother. I will love you forever!

You proved to be a warrior until the last second, mother. I learned so much from you and I will live to be proud from above. I miss eternal!

What sadness to look for and not find you, mother. You are sorely missed and it will never change. I love you forever.

There is no more space in my heart because it was taken by the longing you left, mother. Rest in peace!

I still look for your lap because it costs me to believe you are gone. Eternal miss of the best woman in the world, my mother!

I want to thank you for all that taught me and all the love you gave me. It hurts not to have you here, but I was lucky enough to have the best mother in the world!

Even in the happy moments, a twinge of sadness hits because I would like to have you here with me, mother. I miss eternal!

I just would like to have a hug from you, say that I love you and hear your voice. They are one of the simplest things that I miss the most, mother.

You went out without celebrating so many things with me. These achievements will have a bitter taste of longing because you will not be in them. I love you, Mother.

As long as I breathe, I will remember you, I will miss you and love you, mother. You will always be the most important person of my life.

I learned to endure to live with your absence, but I will never learn to live without missing your, mother.

There are moments that longing hurts more because all I wanted was a hug from you telling me that everything will be fine, mother.

I would like to go back in time and enjoy your company more, say more often that I love you and you are beautiful. ETERNAL HEALTH, MOTHER.

Good thing I am so similar to you, so I can feel more connected with your soul that is gone, mother. I miss eternal!

I wish I could see you anytime, but especially when the longing tightens. Review my memories to look like you are still here, Mother.

You are and always will be my example of strength and love. I take you in my heart not to forget you, Mother.

Thank you for all that we live because I know I made the most of your company, my queen. I miss eternal!

You taught me valuable lessons to the end. That was your way of eternalizing in our lives and I got it, mother. I love you so much and I will always love it!

The music that my heart plays is the longing for my mother who is sorely missed in my life!

There is a great emptiness in my life the size you had. Miss, mother. No one will ever occupy your space.

Longing doesn’t let me forget about you, but it also hurts me by reminding me that we won’t create new memories. I will love you forever, Mother.

You were an amazing person who still echoes in my life and it will be so forever. Rest in peace, Mother.

You were my fortress and I will try to be strong for you. ETERNAL HEALTH, MOTHER.

I will honor your memory, I will make you proud of myself from afar. Look at me from heaven.

I miss you, mother, all the time. How hard it is to live and not have you here to support me, hug me and give me love.

When I speak softly it is for you to hear me because I know you became my guardian angel. I miss eternal, my queen!

In addition to memories, the photographs help calm your heart and longing remembering all the good she sown in you. See photo subtitles with mother and remember striking moments with your queen!

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