35 messages from people in love that will move your bae

Being in love is very intense and deep, since the loved one is always present in their thoughts and in their hearts.

Therefore, we list to follow quotes from passionate people who will help you express everything you are feeling. Choose your favorite phrase and declare all your love!

Quotations of people in love to share with your love

With each passing day I am more sure that you are the love of my life!

I fell in love completely and irreversibly with you. The moment I saw you, I knew that my life would never be the same.

I really fell in love, no one told you to have that beautiful smile.

I promise that if you leave, I make you the happiest person in the world.

It’s so good to wake up, take your phone and already have your message.

asks me to date that I accept.

We will still live a lot together.

I want you. Biting me or kissing me. Fighting or talking. Of good or bad mood. Serious or smiling. I want you, here and now.

There is no day if I want I don’t wake up thinking of you. And do you want to know? There is no better thought, if you don’t think about you.

I am thinking you are the love of my life.

I love being with you, I love to be with you, your smell makes me travel and your voice makes me sigh.

I will lend you my eyes to see the beautiful thing I see when you smile.

My happiness is priceless, it has its name.

Stop being crush and come to be big guy.

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

Just today, I wanted you millions of times …

When we first spoke I had no idea that you would be so important to me.

Do you know when you want a moment to last forever? So, that’s when I’m with you.

Not to be doubtful, I advance you: Every kiss that I send you is in the mouth.

has love that seems to be born to last a lifetime, like mine for you.

I keep listening to your audios several times because I love your voice.

Your awkward way, somehow, won me.

Your presence makes me so well. Your smile makes me so happy. Your hug makes me get better in the hardest times.

and more and more I’m sure the right person is you.

I confess that every night I keep thinking of you until you fall asleep.

I just want to say that you are my most favorite thing in the world.

I’m in love, I’m telling everything and I’m not even calling what they will say. Loving is not sin and if I have been wrong to damn the world I just want you.

It’s not just your smile, everything in you is beautiful.

So much place for you to go and you insist on staying in my mind.

I just wanted to say that today I spent the day thinking of you. Just like all others too.

You are that smile I give without realizing it.

The little moments that I pass by your side are the biggest and most beautiful moments in my life!

You are the person I look at and think: If I ask with a way, God lets you stay with me forever?

Do me a favor? Take good care of my heart, because it belongs to you.

Sometimes in the silence of the night, I keep imagining both of us.

Passion is really a very surprising feeling, so read more about it in our selection of quotations of passion and realize how beautiful it is to be in love!

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