35 messages from Our Lady of Fátima for those who are devoted to the saint

One of the most popular titles in Catholicism, Our Lady of Fatima is one of the Marian invocations attributed to the Virgin Mary and which emerged based on the appearances received by the three shepherds in Fatima, Portugal. Celebrated on May 13, she arouses faith and love among the faithful. Check out these quotes from Our Lady of Fatima and strengthen your devotion!

Quotes of Our Lady of Fatima who show faith and much love

My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.

God is my dear father and Our Lady of Fatima is my beloved mother.

May Our Lady of Fatima perfume your soul and make new virtues always flourish in it.

are you devotee of Our Lady of Fatima? I heard and comfort you. You will live well, you will die better, save you.

My heart surrounded by thorns that ungrateful men dug me, with blasphemies and ungratefulness.

Come to our aid, mother of the afflicted, and help us with your love and piety.

Our Lady of Fatima, interceded by us and teach how to love and worship Christ, to live the true consecration to our Lord Jesus Christ through his intercessory hands. Amen.

Our Lord of Fatima, bless our families, console our sick, guide our steps to eternal bliss.

I have no luck, I have faith in Our Lady of Fatima.

Pray the third every day. Rezai, pray a lot! And make sacrifices for sinners, who go many souls for hell, because there is no one to sacrifice and ask for them.

Our Lady of Fatima, we put your hands all the people affected by the diseases of the world. Mommy, keeps all the evil from us! Amen!

I am not worthy of your blessing, Our Lady of Fatima, but I ask her with all faith that is in my heart.

May your life be always blessed by Our Lady of Fatima, the one who taught her little children how to truly love God in our times.

Our Lady of Fatima, Mother of Mercy, pushes me all the evil in this world! Guide me on this path of conversion and in the practices of prayer, penance and reparation to the offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

May I never lack faith to pray and love you, Our Lady of Fatima.

When it all starts to go wrong, I join my hand and pray in silence to my Our Lady of Fatima. She will know how to intercede, teach me to be docile to God’s will!

Even on a bad day, I know I can count on the blessing of Our Lady of Fatima, my protective mother and dear.

Happy are the devotees of Our Lady of Fatima, who are always covered by their cloak of love and affection.

I may lose everything, but if you still have faith in Our Lady of Fatima, I will still have hopes.

Every morning, I ask Our Lady of Fatima to guide my day. And every night, she blesses my sleep and teaches me to persevere in prayer practices.

All the graces I have achieved to this day were thanks to Our Lady of Fatima. Amen, mom!

May 13 is the day to celebrate the saint who illuminates my life and puts me in the ways of the Lord! Thank you for everything, Our Lady of Fatima.

Life can make me groundless, but Our Lady of Fatima guides my steps toward God, make my pain a holy offering in repair to the faults we commit against the good Jesus.

Our Lady of Fatima, pure and immaculate, bless my day and all those I love so much.

May 13, day of Our Lady of Fatima. O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us that we resort to you and those who do not resort to you.

May 13 is a day of party at home, because it is the day of Our Lady of Fatima, the one that brought me so many blessings and conversion!

My faith in Our Lady of Fatima is what strengthens my most chaotic days.

Our Lady of Fatima, always interceded for all of us. Amen.

Let Our Lady of Fatima take care of your heart and introduce you to the greatest love in the world, that of God.

Because the fruit of your womb is blessed, the unique people of all living nations.

Even in the midst of the storm I stay firm, because I know that Our Lady of Fatima is by my side.

I leave my life in your hands, Our Lady of Fatima. Cover my soul with your cloak and show me the way of the Lord!

Our Lady of Fatima, guide my steps, illuminates my life and never let me lose faith.

no longer offend God our Lord, who is already very offended.

Our Lady of Fatima, you are the light that shows me every day how perfect God is!

The love of Our Lady of Fatima is something that deeply touches all your devout children. Enjoy and check out these quotes from Santa Terezinha to meet Santinha, Master of the Little Way and Patron Saint of Missions!

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