35 messages from 7 months of dating to immortalize moments

Love has never been so sparkling! It is the purpurin wedding that mark 7 months of a passionate story. In such a short time, such a long feeling. Be sure to celebrate every moment next to those you love. See beautiful quotes of 7 months dating to make this date even more special. Check it out and share with great affection!

7 months dating quotes that will leave the loved one in the clouds

That 7 months come 7 years, a decade, a life. By your side, my love, I feel that I can touch eternity.

I want to hear you say that you will never forget. Let’s go around, let’s have fun, see that more beautiful outfit you have in your closet, because today is our birthday.

7 months ago I met the person who changed my life. Love, you are a gift from God. May our history continue for long and blessed years.

Every moment by your side is like a magic that enchants me and fills me with love. May our 7 months turn into years!

The emotion of our love cannot be contained, the strength of this love cannot be measured, love how I love you only once in my life. Happy 7 months!

Today completes 7 months of a love that fills me with happiness. And with each passing day, I’m sure it was the best choice of my life. I love you!

Happy Purpurine Wedding, my love! Those 7 months beside them filled my heart with shine, lightness and hope. You awaken the best of me.

I didn’t believe in fairy tale until you spend the last 7 months by your side. Congratulations love. Every day you teach me that happy forever exists.

7 months ago I gave my heart to you and that was the best choice of my life. Love, you are the reason for my best smile.

Today we celebrate 7 amazing months and I feel that I have known you for a long time. Our love is a meeting of souls. May this shine remain forever.

is that you were born to be mine. Let’s split a little house, a bed, sleep with a shell. God blessed our union. Happy 7 months!

Live, love! Today our story completes 7 months. Many purpurins, kisses, hugs and the promise that I will strive to make the most of you have the happiness you deserve.

Love, by your side, time for and all things fit perfectly! I can’t believe our story already completes 7 months. May 7 more and another 7. I love you!

Love, happy 7 months of dating. Know that I loved every moment by your side. May our affection and complicity remain for a long time. Let us be eternal boyfriends!

Love, pinch me, because I think I’m dreaming. We completed 7 months of a sweet and cozy dating. By his side, I found that dreams can come true. I love you!

Many purpurins for us, love! May these 7 months become a shared life. I love you more than anything!

Love, we completed 7 months of mistakes, hits and many learnings. With each passing day, I want to keep growing by your side. You are the best part of me!

Love, today the universe is in an explosion of glitter because we complete 7 months of dating! That the stars guide our relationship.

My love, I want to stop time just to admire how happy you make me. May these 7 months of dating stretch for a lifetime!

Every day you teach me that love is light, cozy and companion. Thank you for being the best boyfriend in the world. Happy 7 months, my life!

You are the angel God sent to make me happy. Beside you, I lived the most beautiful 7 months of my life and I hope to continue with you forever!

You are the missing part to complete my happiness. It is so beautiful to celebrate 7 months by your side. I love you, my life!

When I met you, my life changed completely. You put my days and fill my heart with joy. Happy 7 months of dating, my life!

tale days, hours, minutes and seconds to be by your side. Everything gets sweeter with a hug from you. These 7 months were beautiful and I hope it will be repeated for many and many years.

My life no longer makes sense without you. During these 7 months I lived the most beautiful love experience and I want this story to last forever. I love you!

My love, I want to celebrate every day we spent together. May our brothel wedding bring a lot of brightness to our relationship. I love you!

Happy purpurin wedding for us, my love! I loved to complete 7 months by your side. I don’t want to plan the future, but I’m sure I want to spend my life with you.

Your smile is the light of my day. Your hug is my favorite place. Your kiss rejoices in love. May our 7 months of dating multiply in a life!

I never tire of saying how amazing, accomplice, sensitive and the best gift I have ever received in life. We completed 7 months of dating that is the most beautiful love of love.

Today no one will spoil my day, I will only spend energy to kiss your mouth. Happy 7 months!

Congratulations, love! Today you complete 7 months that you put up with my boring and find ways to make me happy. Every day that passes, I love you more.

Love, you take care of me like no one else. I am immensely happy to complete 7 months of dating by your side. May life reserve everything very beautiful for us.

By your side, my love, life is a party. We completed 7 months of great happiness, learning and growth. May everything beautiful happen to us. I love you!

and close to each other, life is different, loneliness gives space to the love that was absent. Who looks has no way to doubt now the strength of passion that has two hearts and a story. Happy 7 months!

Today you complete 7 months that my heart beats more joy and my soul feels invigorated. That beautiful years happen to us.

Purpurin wedding to the couple! May this dating be a beautiful love story. And if you enjoyed this selection you can not miss the anniversary quotes of dating to celebrate each special date with the person who completes your heart!

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