35 messages for interested people that ward off bad energy

No one likes those who act for pure interest, right? Being next to this kind of person sucks our energies and makes us lose faith in relationships. If you have already gotten involved with someone like this, then the tip is to send that message with these quotes to self -employed people! Share on the networks for everyone to be aware.

Quotes for self -employed people who give that accurate message

Energies do not lie and I feel self -interested people from afar!

Those who respect the governor and do not respect the cleaning lady is not a leader, but a self -interested.

Interesting woman is not worth what it is. Real woman works to have what she wants.

Being used hurts, but being used by those you believed, one day, being a friend, it hurts even more.

Who loves because they love him, is grateful. Who loves to love him, is self -interested. Who loves, not because they love him even to love him, this is only thin.

The voluptuous ones are lacking as companions of debauchery. The self -serving gather partners. Politicians congregate partisans. The common of idle men maintain relationships. The princes have courtesions. Only virtuous have friends.

In a world of false appearances, beware of whom you get involved. There are people who just want status.

Interesting, no one you love. Do not have heart. Only causes the evil of those who want you well.

Interesting, who loves wealth and exchanges the tenderness of the most sincere love for an adventure.

Interesting people are empty inside and almost never have their own personality.

Trushing Full of Marra, wants to take a wave with my face.

When I had nothing, you didn’t even look at me and now that I’m burst comes after me.

Beware of the self -interested, they suck everything from your life, even the energies.

More than money, the world is moved by the favor of favor.

Someone we have given small favors, hoping to receive in return larger favors.

Learn to differentiate friends, co -workers and false and self -interested people.

the status of social networks does not say, but I say: everything false and self -interested!

ages in such a way that you use humanity, both in your person and in the person of anyone, always and simultaneously as an end and never simply as a means.

You can always choose to live with interesting or self -interested people.

Intuition always warns us about the self -employed people around us. Be aware!

friendships that are founded from interest, in interest end.

Be careful who says you are your friend and is only present when you are appropriate. This is not friendship, it is interest!

friendships that require you something in return are not really.

The fake friend and shadow only accompany us when the sun shines.

from self -interested people I have is pity and pity!

It is better to be thrown among the lions than among the adulators: the lions kill us quickly; The Flamers gradually.

I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who then doesn’t use what I said against me.

From the moment you have nothing more to offer, the self -party disappears. And believe me, this is a deliverance.

envy and betrayal always comes from the people you have strengthened.

Do you really want to know a person? Notice how it treats you when you don’t need you anymore.

Some people will love you just while they can use you. Loyalty ends when the benefits end.

Do not mix with who you would not be.

I was so used in this life that I always get a foot behind with people.

A true friendship involves exchange of affections and never interests.

The worst self -interested is the one who makes saint and good.

from self -interested people everyone wants distance! The good thing is when people’s energy conveys sincerity and love. To reflect more on the subject, read these quotes fidelity.

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