35 messages for cousins that show affection and complicity

She was part of her childhood, knows her secrets, her tastes and her fears. It is a partnership for all hours, friendship that surpasses distances and love that breaks barriers. Unique and incomparable, it’s someone who will always be by your side. So check out the quotes for cousin and let her know that she has great importance in your life!

Quotes for cousin that expresses the most beautiful feelings

Blood of my blood and sister of heart. With you, life is much more beautiful!

We were born cousins, but we chose to build a brotherhood relationship. You can always count on me.

The position of cousin is too little to describe you. You are the sister I always wanted to have. We will continue together until the end!

We are cousins ​​with all the advantages of sisters. Our bond is strong because it is from heart and reaches the soul.

You are much more than a cousin, it is the sister that my heart has adopted forever.

cousin, our partnership is strong, our friendship is the best and our brotherhood is forever.

I love a person who is always by my side regardless of everything. Cousin, you are like a sister to me!

having a cousin is easy, but having a partner cousin, friend and sister is rarity. All this I find in you!

I have a cousin I love like my little sister. And she is reading this message.

Your madness combines perfectly with mine. More than cousins, we are sisters of soul.

cousin, you are the sister that life gave me. Whatever happens, I will be by your side.

I have the best cousin in the world! May our Brotherhood be always built with affection and respect.

Sometimes I forget that we are cousins, because, in my heart, we are sisters.

Even if you don’t need me anymore, I’ll be by your side. My cousin, I love every memory we build together.

cousin, we have a bond that goes beyond blood. Our Brotherhood is too strong.

We were born cousins ​​and became sisters. Now it’s forever!

Someone who knows me better than myself. My cousin, you are irreplaceable in my heart.

By your side, there is no bad day! Cousin, I declare you my sister of the heart.

cousin, the distance is short near the brotherhood we build. I miss you!

Who would it be without you? I don’t know, but I’m sure, by your side, I’m my best version. I love you, cousin!

cousins ​​for all hours, sisters for all follies. With you, life is a party!

cousin, a thousand times I would choose you to be my sister. That our partnership remains indestructible.

You are my perfect combo in life: cousin, friend and sister.

cousin, my heart decided to promote you to your sister. Now you will have to hold on to your life forever.

Every time I think of a good story, I remember it happened by your side. My cousin, you are the best part of me.

cousin, every time we are together, I recognize in you a great sister.

cousin, you are like this: half crazy and full of crazy things, but with you I learned the true meaning of the Brotherhood.

By blood bows, we are born cousins. By the bonds of the heart, we build our fellowship.

Every day, you delight. Cousin, our brotherhood is the most valuable gift I keep in my heart.

If you need me, don’t think twice, you can call my name, because I’ll always be close. My cousin, you are wonderful!

cousin, the more we cultivate our friendship, the more our relationship becomes a brotherhood. I’m so happy to have you by my side.

With you, I want to laugh and cry, because cousin is for all the moments and independent of everything.

You are a mirror for me, my cousin. Thank you for always inspiring me.

You are not only the best cousin in the world, it is also the cousin that I can call my sister.

cousin, you are not a rope, but a real bond and I tie myself in our brotherhood.

It is not enough to be a cousin, you must be a sister of heart. Continue cultivating this beautiful partnership with Brotherhood quotes full of affection and joy.

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