35 messages after 1 year of dating to celebrate this union

Completing 1 year of dating is not for anyone. Nowadays, having a stable relationship with someone else is reason to celebrate! To help you not forget this important date and celebrate love in every way, we have selected the best quotes of 1 year dating to open your heart and declare yourself to that special person!

1 year dating quotes to melt the hearts in love

Today we are completing 1 year of dating, 365 days of love. And how much love is in me … just for you, all for you!

After our first year together, I realized that I want to be getting closer and closer. Dip deeper into you, be your reason for living, your biggest reason to smile. I love you!

Dear, your love brought meaning to my life throughout our first year together! Making you happy is my main mission, I love you! Happy 1 year of dating.

My love, know that throughout this year, you have become my favorite place in the world! Happy 1 year for both of us!

God always enlightens our dating, so that this love that exists among us will grow in a climate of joy and happiness. Happy 1 year of dating, honey!

Congratulations on our first year together! As far as me, you will always be the happiest person in the world. We will continue together today and always in our hearts. I love you!

You who are the reason for my daily laughs. You who did me so well this last year. Happy a year of dating, my love!

I imagined this moment and here we are. Contrary to what I thought, a year is not much time and so I hope we celebrate many other years together! I love you so much!

thought I had forgotten our first birthday together? I would never forget! You make me the happiest person in this world. I want to celebrate this date many times with you, I love you!

Honey, do you know what day it is today? Today is the birthday of our love. Happy 365 days of dating! You are everything to me!

Happy 1 year of dating! Together we have the love that makes us able to dare and believe that our tomorrows will be brilliant. I love you!

In the past year, we learned to admire our qualities and to understand and better accept our defects. May this new year be full of even more love for us! I love you so much!

Our love has been blessed and today I know nothing, no one, will destroy it. Happy a year of dating for us!

Throughout this year I always asked God to protect our love. And in our first birthday, I will thank you for having all your love just for me! Happy 1 year of dating!

Today we do 365 days of dating. How lucky I have to have found you. I love you!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Happy 1 year of dating!

Who would say, right? From such a sincere friendship that one day it could turn into such a strong feeling that it already lasts a year. Happy Dating Birthday!

Our lives suddenly crossed and when I saw it was late. Today we are already completing a year of dating and I just have to thank you for arising in my life. I love you!

My love, our dating started to joke and today we are already completing our first year together! I love you so much!

My love, you were the greatest gift God could have given me. Thank you every day for this first year together. I love you!

In this 1 year of dating I can say with all the letters, languages ​​and accents that I love you! In every way and ways, with all the circumstances and motives!

My love, may this be the first year of a love without measure. Happy Dating Birthday!

This year I learned that love is made of freedom. It’s like having other options every day and yet make the same choice. I want you today and always! Happy 1 year of dating!

It was so intense, so good, so special, that I want more. More years together, besides this one that passed. Happy a year of dating, a year of us!

By your side I am stronger, happier and more loved. Long live our love! Happy 1 year of dating!

A year of dating! A year being happy with the lightness of our love and the joy that overflows in the heart.

Today is a day to celebrate true love, which restored my broken and hopeless heart. Thank you my love! Happy a year of dating.

These are the first steps of a story that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on our first year of dating!

In this first year together we share achievements and happiness, but we also knew how to overcome the difficulties that existed. That was just the first! May many other amazing years come with you!

Happy 1 year of dating! Together we share dreams, hopes and plans that are only at the beginning, but they will be for a lifetime. I love you!

Your love changed everything in me. Glad you exist in my life! Congratulations to us for this 1 year of dating!

My love, this 1 year of dating is not just a date, but a special moment of many years that are coming in our lives. I love you so much!

On this special day, I look at you and I’m sure I made the right choice, because this year we spent together was worth every second. Happy 1 year of dating!

God always enlightens our dating, so that this true love will grow even more full of joy and happiness. Happy 1 year of dating, my love!

Honey, this year that passed served that I was sure it was just the first of a lifetime together. Happy 1 year of dating!

That this is just the first of many dating birthdays that are coming! For this, also check out our dating anniversary quotes and always be aware when this day comes. Get inspired and share love with those who deserve so much!

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