35 messages about Down Syndrome because love doesn’t count chromosomes

Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by the trisomy of chromosome 21. For this reason, the trisomic are very special and unique and wonderful human beings! To raise awareness about the topic and talk about the importance of inclusion and respect, check out and spread quotes on Down syndrome through the networks!

QUITES ON Down Syndrome Perfect to Awareness of the Condition

The amount of chromosomes is unable to define the essence of a person.

The label that was placed by a doctor is just a detail in the face of a person’s heart complexity.

Don’t be hypocritical, we all have limitations! Having Down Syndrome involves having difficulty in some situations, but it doesn’t make you less than you. I’m sure you are far from knowing everything in this life.

Respecting trisomic individuals is just as human as they are.

I believe no one has a joy to live as big as someone who has Down syndrome. Learn from them to be someone happier and much lighter.

This is an exclusive chromosomal condition of the most enlightened people who have passed and pass through Earth.

Down syndrome only makes a human being, who is already unique, even more special!

If someone with Down Syndrome crosses your way in this life, take the opportunity to learn a little more from someone full of wisdom. Sometimes we just need the different to teach us how simple it is to live!

To love someone with Down syndrome is to learn to love simplicity and exercise a great deal of empathy for someone other than you. There is nothing the same!

Down Syndrome: A much larger heart than average.

All people deserve to be included in society, regardless of the amount of chromosomes they carry.

Being close to a person with Down is, for me, a source of great honor. They deserve space and respect! How do you teach us to love for what we are!

If Down Syndrome is part of the wonderful person you are, I only admire it even more.

If you look at someone with Down syndrome and see a disability, perhaps disability is in your soul and lack of empathy.

from a society that excludes wonderful people like the Down bearers, I make a point of being excluded.

The main symptom of Down syndrome, in my eyes, is the amount of love that the person awakens.

I see in patients with Down syndrome the sincerity and purity that other people simply cannot carry.

What people would be we if we made a difference between who has two or three chromosomes 21?

Who loses with the exclusion of people with Down syndrome, is us. Inclusion is necessary!

Those who have Down syndrome have their own and only way of leading life. They will do exactly the way they believe it is right. Do not strive to understand them, love them!

What needs to be excluded is your prejudice. For respect for people with Down syndrome, I vote yes!

I am certain that the third chromosome 21 carries love.

Have you ever noticed how there are Down Syndrome always smiling? It is because they know the beauty and happiness of being who they are. Smile to them too!

Life teaches that not recognizing the preciousness of people with special conditions, such as Down Syndrome, only leads us to live wonderful experiences.

Down syndrome is just one of the beautiful factors that make you the beautiful person who is.

The only deficiency that exists is a bad attitude. Down syndrome is just a feature that makes a unique and authentic person!

Down syndrome will still make the world a better place to live, more sincere, more authentic, more real.

Prejudice is the perfect symbol of ignorance, Down syndrome is the perfect symbol of love.

The news of Down syndrome became just a detail after I met you.

Friends do not count chromosomes.

The greatest limitation of Down syndrome is prejudice.

Understanding a complex condition like Down Syndrome requires empathy that many people simply do not carry. Respect is an obligation.

The sincere smile of a person with Down syndrome is able to illuminate any environment. It is purity that does not fit in one person!

Respect for others needs to be taught since childhood, as well as the people with Down.

You need to see Down syndrome with new eyes.

Everyone deserves inclusion and respect, regardless of their particularities! To deal with one more of them, also check out autism quotes and talk about the necessary respect.

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