35 funny good morning Thursday messages that lift your spirits

Thursday is almost weekend, so it’s released to start the day smiling and having fun the crowd, even if it is to complain that you woke up tired and you don’t see the time to bed again. For this, check out the best funny quotes of good morning, Thursday, and bring the good mood very close to you!

Funny quotes of good morning, Thursday, full of good humor

My body woke up thinking it was Friday, but unfortunately it is wrong. It’s still Thursday. Good morning!

The weekend is almost starting, so work as if today were Friday and with energy from Monday after extended holiday. Good morning! Quouted!

If the weekend started on Thursday, no one else would be in a mood. Good morning!

I went to sleep 5 more minutes and woke up 12h. Quouted! Good morning!

That all problems are disappearing because soon the weekend begins. Good morning, Thursday!

I already woke up to sleep. Thursday, go away very quickly because I want my weekend. Good morning!

Some wait for the fifth to hinder, others to sleep early. I’m from the second group. Good morning!

For cool people, today it will be a great Thursday. If yours is not, you already know. Good morning!

I didn’t want to wake up, but I remembered that I’m poor and wanting is not power. Let’s work on Thursday, almost Friday. Good morning!

For the worker, the only day we woke up animated is the day off. Good morning, Thursday!

Good morning, Thursday. May we wake up with the certainty that today is a holiday. If not, we will have to discuss our relationship.

I would like to wake up like my phone this Thursday: 100% full of energy. Good morning!

Good morning, Thursday! Thinking about the beer I’m going to take at 6 pm to start the early weekend.

Thursday, let’s make a deal: if you don’t talk to anyone, I don’t mind either today is a holiday. Good morning!

We have to follow our instincts. I know that today is not yet Friday, but my body says different. I’m tired as if it were. If you agree right, tomorrow will be Saturday, guys. Good morning, Thursday!

If you are boring, I just want good morning. If you are cool, I wish a magic and happy hour before the time!

Is it worth waking up this Thursday? Because I really want to be in bed. Good morning!

I get up with sleep because I need to work. They have not yet invented a technology that pays for the slips alone and money does not sprout on a tree. Good morning, Thursday!

Thursday with rain is reason to miss work? Good morning!

The problem is that we think you are young and can drink during the week and go to work the other day. Age comes to everyone. Good morning, Thursday!

I am open eyes. Agreement is very strong status and I think I’m going to work sleeping. Good morning, Thursday!

Thursday dawned beautiful to match my beauty. Good morning!

I just want to get rich so as not to wake up angry on Thursday knowing that I have to work or have a money to spa. Good morning!

When I am a boss, every Thursday will be a holiday. Good morning!

This Thursday, my bed is more attractive than a trip to the Caribbean. Good morning!

The courage to get up left me, but the slips are there as a motivational coach. Good morning, Thursday!

If you don’t have the courage to get up, think you like to have beer and for that you need to work. Good morning, Thursday!

The proof I love you is to see you sleeping on Thursday morning and not wake up because I woke up. Good morning!

My body is standing, but my soul wanted to take time off this Thursday. Good morning!

Always beautiful, but annoyed agreement because rich is not for everyone. Let’s work, kids. Good morning, Thursday!

Don’t forget that Thursday goes faster if you smile at her or take that nap. Good morning!

The fun is released because it started Thursday, gets hot for a lively sixth. Good morning!

I woke up wishing a good day and cheering for us to end Thursday sitting in a bar.

Another Thursday and may it be better than the fourth and worse than Friday. Good morning!

prepares the animation that today is Thursday and the weekend is bending the corner. Good morning!

The important thing is to smile at life and expect it to smile back, isn’t it? To continue filling your day of peace and joy, check out quotes of good Thursday and attract good feelings!

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