35 20th birthday messages to celebrate the two decades lived

The passage of two decades represents a lot! At this time, it is possible to rediscover and reinvent themselves several times, carrying unique and unique stories. Given this, if you or someone close is celebrating this milestone in your life, you will surely love 20th anniversary quotes! Check it out and share to extol the life and experiences of this phase!

20th anniversary quotes that exalt what has been lived so far

I thank God for this year of life and for the chance of living this two beautiful decades. Happy 20 years for me!

Independent if today will make rain or sun, it will be beautiful because, in another year, I contemplate the gift of life! Congratulations to me for my 20 years!

And just thinking that one day I carried you on my lap, I can’t believe that weeping package has completed 20 years. You grew up so fast, but the heart follows the same, it is still crying. Congratulations my love! Happy life! Success and reasons to smile!

I look back and I am grateful to God for every little moment I lived in these 20 wonderful years. Happy Birthday to me!

Today, I turn 20 and have the complete notion that there is still a lot to learn and evolve. I just follow my way, trying to become a better person at a time than I was yesterday.

butterflies spend their whole lives preparing to fly and now two years ago I have been doing my flight. Celebrating my 20!

complete today another decade, the long -awaited age: 20 years! I hope to have a lot of health to move on, because the rest we get!

Keep following your heart, as you have done so far and the next 20 years will be as good as these were. Congratulations!

May your birthdays go from now on multiply in joy, achievements, and that you always share this date with someone special! Happy Birthday!

It has always been my dream to watch you grow, win great things and I’m very happy to be able to do it. Congratulations for your 20 years!

To be 20 years old is to feel great, even if the heart still fits in the palm of your hand.

Now that I am no longer a teen, I know that life will be more complicated. It will increase responsibility, but also the forces. Even so, I look forward to facing it as it comes! I arrived at 20!

20 years are a mark in every man and woman’s life, it’s like doing 15 or 18 again with new challenges ahead. Happy Birthday, Life!

The beauty and maturity you carry are surprising! Congratulations on your 20 years of life!

The more birthdays they pass, the more colors have life! Happy for my 20 years!

For today, you deserve only congratulations and many people celebrating your existence! Happy 20 years!

can take me a lot, but nothing I lived here or the way every little thing made me who I am today. Celebrating the 20th anniversary!

Some think 20 years is the beginning of adulthood, but I prefer to think that this is just the beginning of my youth. I want to enjoy life, try your flavors and colors, without worrying too much about anything else!

The courage that carries surprises that you are still so young! Happy 20 years, let you always follow like this!

Adult, no! Old teenager! Happy 20 years for me! After all, age is not synonymous with maturity

Time is unaware of barriers and me too. Today I do 20!

You are one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met and it is an honor to celebrate this date by your side. Happy 20th birthday!

I recognize every achievement so far and be very proud of them, dear. Congratulations for your 20 years!

I faced a lot to get here and, despite knowing that there is still a long way ahead, I also know that I am getting stronger and stronger. Happy 20 years of life for me!

Complete today 20 years and I admit that sometimes it is afraid to face new things and challenges, as it requires a lot of courage; But in the end, I know everything will work out!

My 20 years already start very well! I’m enjoying the celebration with my family and friends, which I know they want me well. May it always be like this!

That one day I can repay you a little of the joy you give me! I wish you a happy life! Happy 20th birthday!

I am at the highlight of my life, where I feel happier and fulfilled. Here, on my 20th birthday, I know that a lot is about to happen!

God’s presence on special days as today is even more striking in my life. Celebrating my 20 years!

Be yourself as far now you have been and nothing can never stop you! Happy 20 years, beautiful!

I wish you all the happiness and love of the world to conquer it! Happy 20 years, dear!

For you, happiness has always been a matter of being and that makes your trajectory so beautiful! Happy 20 years!

Today, I complete my long -awaited 20 years and just have to thank for what I lived here! In this new phase, my only desire is to continue with peace in the heart, greatly loving all those who have always been by my side.

My mother and father have always called me a little princess, but I think now I can take the crown and be treated as queen, right? Today I do 20!

The feeling of leaving adolescence is the perfect combination of freedom and fear! Happy 20 for me!

Celebrating the passage of another year of life is a source of great gratitude! To reflect on what has lived here and the importance of this date, check out anniversary reflection quotes and share!

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