34 heartbreak messages to ease the pain in your heart

Love exists only two. Love alone is called sadness.

The people we love most are the ones that disappoint us, because we think they are perfect and forget that they are human.

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it.

crying is to say in tears everything that the heart for pride is not able to say in words.

I’m without you I’m just unloving. A boat without sea, a field without flower. Sadness that goes, sadness that comes. Without you, my love, am I nobody?

I’m moving away from everything that delayed me, deceives me, holds me and retains me. I’m approaching everything that makes me complete, makes me happy and who wants me well.

To love someone who doesn’t love you is like embracing a cactus. The more you hold, the more it hurts.

Unfortunately for a relationship to work it is necessary more than a simple ‘I love you’.

The biggest difficulty you have to love is not to be loved.

There will always be a memory that filled my eyes with tears.

Sometimes God puts wrong people in our lives, so that when we find the right person we know how to value them.

I admire who, after a disappointment, goes on, without taking with it the weight of what is left behind.

You think you will never forget, and forget it. You think this pain will never pass, but it passes. You think everything is eternal, but it is not.

Don’t ask for a second chance, value the first.

replace people who have already replaced you.

It is better to be loved by few of the pure heart than by many of the empty heart.

I know, it’s a sweet to love you … the bitter, it’s wanting to me.

Your repentance is more valuable than any revenge and more painful than any punishment.

If God created people to love, and things to take care of, why do we love things and use people?

The heart has two ways, disappointment and love, only one day love becomes disappointment and disappointment becomes love.

In one day we were, the other was untied the knots.

I think a woman just needs a man who won’t give up her in the first difficulty.

Your mouth can release false words, but your gaze will never fool me.

You are too cold for my intense summer.

I don’t think people are afraid to say “I love you.” They are afraid is the reaction that this can cause …

There was a moment, I don’t know, when it really seemed it was going to be all right.

Because when you really love yourself, being faithful is a pleasure and not a sacrifice.

Sometimes I miss you … But then I remember what you did to me, and I forget again.

Want to leave? Go … but it takes what I feel for you along.

While you pretended to care, I really cared about you.

It is possible to overcome someone who made you suffer a lot.

I sent you away and you just was. It’s a shame, I really loved you, but I needed the certainty that you wanted to stay. Because who wants to fight and you have weakened, gave up and gone.

I just suffered a loving disappointment. So I don’t want to see anyone having fun.

Everyone has a callus that squeezes. An account that accumulates on the table, a reticence with more than three points.

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