32 messages after 11 months of dating to congratulate and declare your love

It is a immense joy to have a companion to share the best moments and live the greatest adventures. Also, it is priceless to be able to celebrate another month of dating. So for you to declare yourself to your love and express your happiness to be by your side, check out the 11 -month dating quotes we selected. Open your heart and come check it out!

11 months quotes full of beautiful statements

Each passing day, my feeling for you only grows. And today, my heart is celebrating with our 11 months of dating.

You are an amazing person, so I am very lucky to have you by my side. Happy 11 months for us, my love!

Today we celebrate another month of our history. Another month in which we cultivate the purest and most beautiful love I’ve ever lived. Congratulations for the 11 months, love!

It was God who handed me as a gift. Thank you so much, my love. Happy 11 months!

It is an inexplicable feeling to look back and realize how we mature and evolve together, my love. Happy 11 months of dating! I love you so much.

11 months of companionship, extended hand, hug that strokes, peace that takes over when we are together.

Eternity is just the beginning for both of us. I love you. Happy 11 months, my love! I want you every day of this life.

I changed the route on my plans and what I was looking for, I found you. Happy 11 months, love!

I love you, finally, with great freedom, within eternity and every moment. Happy 11 months for us!

These 11 months are just the beginning of a beautiful love story. I love you!

Congratulations to us, my love! You were the best choice I made in my life. May another 11 months come and last until eternity.

Each moment lived by your side is stored in my memory. It is a collection of cuddles to my passionate soul. Happy 11 months!

In you I found everything I always wanted, I found my great love. Happy 11 months, I love you so much!

The first time I saw you, I knew it would be more than friendship. And here we are, 11 months of dating! Congratulations to us, my love!

Today I see how much you made me, how many reasons I brought me to believe that life for two can be amazing. Happy 11 months, my love!

The day has come to celebrate our love! And on this special date, I just have to thank you for having known you. Happy 11 months, my love!

After your arrival, everything got better and turned. That’s why I wish our story grow more and more. Happy 11 months!

Happiness is having you in my life and having your smile to brighten my days. Happy 11 months! May they come much more.

What if I want to say that the whole universe lives in you, just for you, just like me? Happy 11 months!

I am not satisfied with less than a lifetime to share with you. Happy 11 months!

This almost a year together is just a little piece of everything we have to live. Happy 11 months, my love!

Time goes by, but what remains is my love for you. Happy 11 months, I love you!

Each day you pass you show me that it is worth believing in the strength of this love. So I want to live with you forever. Happy 11 months of dating, love!

My heart always knew that you were my soul love. Today I see that these 11 months are proof of how immense and strong our love is.

You fell in love, hallucinated, unzipped my heart. I love you, love. Happy 11 months!

If I didn’t love you that much, I might lose dreams inside me and lived in the darkness. I love you lots! Happy 11 months!

11 months enjoying your company is little, I want a lot more. I want a lifetime! Love you my love. Congratulations to us!

Words are missing to express this feeling of celebrating another month by your side! Happy 11 months for us.

Just for you I have my eyes and my heart. Happy 11 months for us, my love!

11 months of a love story full of companionship and transformations. What I want most is to have a lifetime with you. I love you!

I see that we are gradually building an unforgettable story of love. Happy 11 months for us!

It was worth having lived the best experiences with you. And for sure, others will come! Thank you for being as it is, my love! I love you.

You don’t have to be a commemorative date to declare yourself, because it’s always time to show your love. So, to say how special the person is, check out the best romantic impact quotes and share with those you like!

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