30 wolf messages that portray the free spirit of this magnificent creature

Often portrayed as villains and evil creatures, wolves actually have a lot to teach. Contrary to what most people think, they are extremely intelligent animals, as well as great examples of dignity and respect for their equals. With that in mind, we have selected the best wolf quotes to reflect and learn from these creatures. Check it out!

Wolf Quotes that are true life teachings

Wolves do not lose sleep because of the opinions of sheep.

I learned to fight alone. You will not always have people supporting you. There are struggles that only you can face.

Never be afraid of people’s opinion. This is the greatest slavery in the world.

man is man’s wolf, in war of all against all.

Do not confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.

You being a wolf, you always need to keep this honor.

If the wolf understood the lambs, it would starve.

Compassion is not always a virtue. Who saves the life of the wolf condemns death the sheep.

I always liked this thing of being a lone wolf, of walking my way alone, especially when I don’t even know where I want to go.

There are wolves that lead sheep, and wolves that lead wolves.

I’m not who you think, I’m better than you think. But I can be worse than you say.

I prefer to walk the dark valley with the wolves, than in flowered fields alongside false lambs.

Inside me there are several wolves, but they all used it to the same moon.

Never underestimate someone’s ability to intuition. Some people may know your game even before you start playing.

Sneaky, I make no effort to achieve what I want most. Cost what it costs!

Who saves the wolf, sacrifice the sheep.

If you have been disappointed once, think well before relying on the second time. The wolf loses its hair, but does not lose instinct.

Wolves do not scream. They have an aura of strength and power. Observe in silence.

We are not necessarily bad, but intelligent and above all, righteous.

It’s crazy for the ram to promote a peace conference with the wolf.

Inside me, there are two wolves: the wolf of hatred and the lobe of love. Both dispute power over me. And when they ask me which wolf is the winner, I answer: what I food.

The wolf will always be bad if you only hear the version of the Red Riding Hood.

If my growl causes horror, imagine the strength of my silence …

You will never be brave if you are not afraid. You will never learn if you do not make mistakes. It will never be successful if it has not failed.

When snow falls and white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives!

The largest and strongest packs begin with the union of a couple of wolves.

Yes, inside me there are two wolves. One is good and the other is more. I food both … and each one knows the wolf it deserves.

We are predators of truth and justice. For your good, never try to pass us back.

People will not always recognize what you did, often they will only see what you have failed to do.

My premise will always be the same: listen to both sides to understand the real meaning of history.

not just wolves, but all animals are able to bring great teachings to the human being. So how about checking our quotes on animals too? Reflect on how animals can change our lives!

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