30 whatever messages for moments of indifference

There are moments in our lives when we do not know what we want and what indifference takes over. We live in automatic and accept whatever comes. When you are going through these periods of apathy and disinterest, express yourself using one of our quotes from doing so much. Check it out and see if you identify with them!

Quotes do so much for those who are living a constant disinterest

Do so much, it doesn’t matter. After a while we learn that it is useless to worry.

Do so much, so much if no one listens to what I say, I won’t talk again.

I already worried too much. I’ve lived without caring about anything. Now I follow the teachings of “both do”.

So much does tomorrow. I’ll be ready for any event!

Before my heart cried, but now it does so much. I will not live my days trapped in the past.

With you, without you, so much. Who will live my life is me!

I don’t feel anymore, I don’t expect it anymore, I don’t understand anymore. I always live in this constant so much.

people who treat me with indifference I treat with so much.

While I’m caring, that’s fine. But when I don’t do any more question, so much!

Nothing is better for someone tired of caring than one “so much”.

It hurts to live in indifference, it hurts not being able to care. Whatever, so much: neither the tear nor the laughter have time.

I left the past behind, I forgot everything I hurt me and for the future I wish only one thing: so much.

You were my everything, my world, my future. Today is just a past, somewhat do.

When you are tired of caring so much, remember this valuable lesson: both do.

Do not treat as a priority who only treats you as “both do”.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but if you bring you, the rest does so much.

so much who left, who came in. So much that side it was. So much, I will always lose.

Makes both life and death: worst of all I have ever passed!

Neither give up nor try. Now so much.

far or close, whatever. Who wants to be happy, run after!

It is not the distance that drives people away, it is “so much”.

Today I am somewhat do for those I did so much.

I love only you, the rest does so much.

Do not create expectations, create indifference. If nothing works out, so much!

If your interior is at peace, the rest does so much!

I did so much that now it does so much.

Don’t be “so much” in anyone’s life.

If for you so much, tell me why I have to make a point?

It may seem impossible, but I stopped caring. Now it’s all a big “so much”.

Rain or sun? Whatever. What really matters is being happy regardless of any climate!

Some things do not deserve our concern and energy expenditure. When this happens, use one of our citations of indifference to show how much you don’t care.

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