30 villain messages to remember iconic and sarcastic antagonists

They are full of mind -boggling and malice ideas. Creative, extremely ambitious and sometimes unscrupulous, antagonists carry a huge baggage in their trajectory. Also, with memorable speeches and manner, some can even divide the audience between love and hatred. We have selected these ruthless villain quotes for you to remember the most iconic characters in the history of malvadeza. Come check it out!

striking and ironic villain quotes that will make you recap some stories

If you will not fight, you will have to face your destination.

The most difficult choices require the strongest wills.

Hot! Irresistible! Impressive how time only values ​​you.

Put some anarchy, destabilize the order and everything will turn the chaos.

Every magic always comes with a price.

Deep down, you know you deserve to be punished, don’t you know?

There is no good and evil. Only power, and those who are too weak to possess it.

The world is dark, selfish and cruel to find even the slightest ray of sunshine destroys it.

I think who is different does not know that it is, because there is nothing to compare.

I don’t want to life very much … I want everything!

Freedom is the biggest lie in life.

It was never my goal, doctor. I’m more like ‘here and now’.

It is better to be feared than loved.

Life is not fair. Isn’t it, my little friend? While some are born to the banquet. Others spend their lives in darkness, begging for crumbs.

Love is stronger than death.

For someone strong, there is nothing more disconcerting than seeming weak.

When you play the throne game, you live or die. There are no intermediate points.

Look in my eyes and say that you have no secret place where you keep your deepest secrets.

I hate cheap sentimentality.

Everyone can be super! Then when everyone is super … no one will be anymore.

She can’t see you, she can’t hear you. She forgot all about you. You die alone and without love. Just like me.

I’ve seen evil and I’m looking at him now.

A hopeless man is a man without fear.

Intelligence is a gift that should be used for the good of humanity.

We lost more women for marriage than to war, hunger and disease.

Speak, magician mirror, who is more beautiful than me?

We are simple people moved by revenge in the name of justice. But if revenge is called justice, then this justice will be born even more revenge. And then it becomes a hatred chain.

The world is a very horrible place.

These are the things we love most that destroy us.

I love when you beg.

The villains are really iconic. But of course we cannot fail to remember the good guys behind the antagonists’ stories, after all, one would not exist without the other. So be sure to check out these quotes of superheroes full of magic and power!

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