30 Thinking of You Messages That Express Various Feelings

Are you with that person who can’t get out of the head? Whether for a good reason or not so much, these quotes thinking about you will help you express your feelings! Take the opportunity to send to the target of your thoughts that indirect on social networks or just to ramble in silence.

Quotes thinking of you for those who can’t get that person out of the head

I have a pocket full of money and another full of keys that have no borders. But when it comes to love, I just can’t get you out of my mind.

You are always in my mind.

My mouth hasn’t silent about you since you kissed you. The idea that you can kiss you once again is stuck to my brain, which has not stopped thinking about you since, well, before any kiss.

I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop wanting you like this. I can’t face a life without you.

I can’t stop thinking about you and it’s not good to live without you.

Because I only live thinking of you and it is unintentionally. You don’t get out of my head anymore and I just live awake to dream, imagining both of us sometimes I think it’s an impossible dream, a terrible illusion. Is it?

My thinking follows you. My longing for you. My love does not age. You don’t leave my mind.

My thinking is you … I see you in so many trivial things. I feel you without your presence. I live with yourself in your absence.

As far away I seem to be, I’m thinking of you.

There are days when I sleep thinking about you and there are day that I wake up thinking about you.

Do you have no idea what my obsession is? I dreamed of you almost every night this week … This melody that I found makes me think of you in some way and repeatedly stouons until I fell asleep.

Yesterday I was thinking of you, today too, but tomorrow … I just want to make these thoughts reality.

I’m with a longing symptom. I’m thinking on you. How do I want you so well!

You don’t even know, but I spend the whole night thinking about you.

Lost in my thoughts, I find myself so alone. In the mouth, a flavor of poison. In the chest, that knot waiting on any way to meet you one day.

Since you are gone, I can’t get you out of my head. Everything reminds me of you!

Turk I find myself thinking about you and everything we were. Ah, it hits me so much!

There is no day that happens without me thinking about you. You are everything to me!

In your hug is that I find the healing of evil. Today I woke up wanted you around and you don’t leave my thoughts, and I wonder here if this is normal.

From the time I lie down until the time I get up, you are the one in my thoughts.

Even if we don’t talk anymore, I want you to know that I always think of you and I lovingly remember everything we lived.

The last time we saw each other does not leave my head and I am counting the seconds for our reunion.

You are my favorite person in the world and I am always thinking of you.

When everything seems difficult, I want you to know that there is someone here who thinks a lot about you and is always cheering for your success!

Today I woke up thinking about you, us. I would like to send you a message asking how you are, but this is no longer possible.

Do everything thinking of someone and smile just remembering. Oh, the symptoms of passion.

The hours that passes by your side are not enough. So even far, I’m thinking of you nonstop.

You are in me, I feel your presence everywhere. I can’t get you out of my head. Would it be crazy or love?

I see you in the most worldly things there are, from the sweetened coffee that I take to the sick smiles of strangers. You are always in my mind.

My thoughts have been more beautiful since you have taken over them!

The more you try to get someone out of your head, the more this thought intensifies, right? If you are taken by the memory of something that has already been left behind, then these memories will help you remember with love!

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