30 Social Worker’s Day messages that reflect the altruism of choice

The choice of social assistance says a lot about altruism, empathy and humanity! In this beautiful and very important profession, the well-being of the excluded is priority and their lives becomes as important as yours. Given this, to congratulate someone for this choice or share the principles of their occupation on May 15th, check out the social worker’s day quotes we selected!

Social Worker Day Quotes that exalt professionals on May 15

It’s about empathy and compassion, it’s about love. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

You need to leave prejudice behind and develop qualifications on your own. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

Altruism is our favorite word and the smile our goal. Happy May 15th for all social workers!

On the day of the social worker we are remembered that love of neighbor can be a choice of profession.

Humanity increasingly needs people determined to improve it. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

The well-being of others is, for us, as important as ours. I love being a social worker!

To be a social worker is to carry some of the other wherever you go. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

The world will one day be fairer and will be thanks to them and them. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

This May 15th, I fill my breast -bare chest in saying that such an important person is a social worker!

These are years of course to learn laws, conduct and rules of society, but empathy needs to come from the heart. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

The best shield against injustice is a social assistance professional. Happy May 15th!

Your choice of profession says much about your heart. Full of pride of my favorite social worker!

Legend has it that the heart of the social worker is slightly larger than that of others. Happy May 15th!

The social worker gives more color to the days in black and white. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

Want to know where to find a social worker? Search on the best side of life!

Every day is a good day to improve a life. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

The social worker will be where necessary, guiding, planning and promoting a healthier life in every way. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

The profession of social worker can contribute a lot to change the direction of a country’s social policies. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

Helping society is a goal that even fits in our denomination. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

Choosing social assistance means choosing to make the world a better place. Happy May 15th!

The happiness of the social worker on May 15, is also the happiness of the less fortunate.

We leave our problems at home and to take care of those who need it most. Happy May 15th, Social Worker’s Day!

The light of the world is in the small gestures, and the social worker collects them. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

May 15: The day the social worker forgets prejudice and focuses on a fairer world!

Social workers act in society, making it a better and fairer place. Happy May 15th!

In all heart, the good lives, just rescue it. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

On May 15, they come to return the voice of those who lost it. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

No human being must experience inhuman conditions of existence and it is the struggle of the social worker. Happy May 15th!

Here, the achievement of others is celebrated as if it were proper. Happy Social Worker’s Day!

No child says they want to be a social worker, but if they knew how beautiful the profession is, they would certainly like it. Happy May 15th to all the professionals!

dedicating life to social causes is a beautiful gesture and, precisely for this reason, we should not save compliments to these wonderful professionals. To know a little more about the precepts that surround this profession, also check out Karl Marx quotes and share the ideas of this thinker.

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