30 Poem Messages About the Sun That Will Brighten Your Day

The sun is the biggest star people can see. It illuminates the days, warms and makes everything more beautiful when it shines strongly in the sky. Therefore, it has been the subject of the most diverse writings, including poetry. Filled with symbologies, many poets are inspired by writing. Check out quotes of poems about the sun and also get inspired by the star!

Poems quotes on the sun to warm the heart

There is always a sunset waiting to be seen.

If you cries out for not seeing the sunset, tears will not let you see the stars.

Between a star and a vagalume, the sun sets.

Laughter is the sun that sweeps the winter of the human face.

I point to the yellow field. Sunflowers love the sun, I say. When the sun leaves they rise, when the sun goes away, they lower their heads of sadness. This is what the sun does with the flowers. That’s what you do to me.

For a single crack comes in the whole life that the sun lends.

In childhood it was sunshy outside and the rest was resolved.

Pour my nature over my burning head, your sun, your rain, the wind that finds me my hair.

My soul is like a pastor, he knows the wind and the sun and walks by the hand of the following and looking.

It’s just because I feel what I write at sunset, or when a cloud runs your hand over the light and runs silence through the grass.

and suddenly … Suddenly I feel like an old wall. Full of ages, although the sunlight in a delirium guesses.

If I die, it survives me with such force that you will wake up the Furies of the pale and cold, from south to south, raise your indelible eyes, from sun to sun dreams through your singing mouth.

If you can’t be a road, just be a path, if you can’t be the sun, be a star. It is not for the size that you will be successful or failure, but be the best in whatever you are.

You are free in sunlight and free before the star of the night.

sunset in the fields, a party, a guitar, a seresta, remember an old love.

and we talked all night, while the via lachtea, like an open pallium, sparkle. And when I came from the sun, homesick and weeping, I look for them by the desert sky.

Doubt of the light of the stars, that the sun is hot, even doubts the truth, but trusts my love.

and the red sun of your burning mouth, the pale mouth defolish.

I know I should collapse for better reasons, but have you seen that boy? He leaves the sun on his knees every night.

She was found! Who? Eternity. It is the sea mixed in the sun.

and the sunshine that at noon goes down fleeing, and sowing brides in your poor rubbish, paving from gold to old sandal, thrown into the mentur.

It is perhaps the last day of my life. I greeted the sun, raising my right hand, but I didn’t gain it, saying goodbye to him, I made a sign of enjoying seeing him before: nothing else.

I met lasting days, the sun so long between morning and afternoon.

There was no time on long days, but the daily passage of the blessed sun.

Less uses nature the yellow than any other color. Keep it all for the sun to put it, lavish blue.

The sun in the eclipse is obscured sun. In the flower also the insect makes its nest.

But of course the sun will come back tomorrow again, I know.

satisfies, while the sun that mimics your laughter, does not come out.

Imagine what you will lose I lived in the red because poet, and walked the flame of the ways. I crossed the sun, touched the wall from inside my friends.

Far away, in the sun, my aspirations are found. I may not reach them, but I can lift my eyes, see their beauty and believe in them.

During the day, it is the sun who shines, but at night, something else inspires the poets. Check out quotes of poems about the moon and let it illuminate you in the darkness.

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