30 poem messages about the sea that will make you feel the breeze of the waves

full of mysteries, the sea is the inexhaustible theme of poets and wave lovers, sometimes calm, sometimes hectic that so enchants people. After all, how many reflections are made by a beach looking at the ocean, right? To explore the theme more, read these quotes of poems about the sea!

Quotes of Poams about the Sea to contemplate this giant of nature

I need the sea because it teaches me: I don’t know if I learn music or consciousness, I don’t know if it’s a wave or deep or just a hoarse voice or dazzling fish assumption and ship.

wants man to get wet in pure water, the elemental wind, and can only return to the well of himself.

There are women who bring the sea in their eyes, not by color, but by the vastness of the soul and bring poetry in their fingers and smiles. They are beyond time as if the tide never took them from the beach where they were happy.

The heroic breath of the sea has its secret pole, which men feel, seduced and fearful.

The sea is just sea, devoid of attachments, killing and recovering, running like a blue bull by its own shadow, and bustling with no one, and then the pure shadow of oneself. P>

put my dream on a ship and the ship on the sea; – Then I opened the sea with my hands, to my dream wreck.

Ó Salgado Sea, how much of your salt are tears of Portugal! Because we crossed you, how many mothers cried, how many children in vain prayed! How many brides were getting married! So that you were ours, O sea!

God to the sea the danger and the abyss gave, but in him he mirrored heaven.

sing in me, O master sea, getting into the wide channels in my bones, of yours that are like guys, that you return again in a united, only and mixed sea of ​​my mouth. P>

I sit, sea, listening to you. You sat you, sea, to listen to me?

Only people die and leave and never come back. But there is the mistake, nothing comes back anymore, not even the waves of the sea come back; The water is another on each wave.

The world is large and fits in this window over the sea. The sea is large and fits in the bed and the mattress of love. Love is big and fits in the brief space to kiss.

In the waves of the beach, in the waves of the sea I want to be happy, I want to drown. (…) I want to be happy in the waves of the sea. I want to forget everything. I want to rest.

Here in this stone, someone sat down to look at the sea. The sea did not stop to be looked at. It was sea for everything that is side.

Very romantic. My peaceful point is in the Atlantic.

The sea is calm tonight. The tide is full, the moon is fair. About the narrows; On the French coast the light shines and disappears; England’s cliffs rise, sparkling and vast, in the quiet bay.

In this ocean without coast, to your smile of silent listening, my songs would swell in melodies, free as waves, free from all slavery of words.

I went to visit the sea. The mermaids in the basement came out to look at me.

She was found! Who? Eternity. It is the sea mixed in the sun.

Time -sea sea breezes, night sea wind: you don’t come to anyone; If someone wakes up, he must be prepared as surviving you.

Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs? Where is your tribal memory? Gentlemen, in that gray safe. The sea. The sea locked them. The sea is history.

The ocean has its silent caves. Deep, quiet and alone. Although there is fury in the waves, below them there are none.

calmly tired sailors rest under their own blue sea. The solidions of the ocean are blessed, for there is purity.

In a sea of ​​strangers, you longed to meet me. Your life has passed sailing through my banks. The arms that long for one day to hug me, they will hurt under the heavy oars.

Time is a proof of the relentless and inflexible power of this ancient love. A love that I will take with me, from ages to oceans to centimeters, back to you.

The sun now rose to the right: from the sea it came, still hidden in the mist, and to the left came down to the sea.

free man, you will always like the sea.

Those who were born away from the sea, those who have never seen the sea, what idea will do the unlimited?

In addition to the flowers there is still the sea.

we have the sea, we have our dreams.

Irreverent, the sea has always enchanted and will always delight its admirers! To remain stuck in your waves, check out these beautiful quotes from Tumblr Praia Energy.

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