30 pizza messages to enjoy every piece of this deliciousness

Whether sweet or salty, with or without edge, pizza is hot anyway and in any situation. A pizza helps to overcome bad times, but it also goes well in celebrations. It doesn’t take a special reason to devour one. So get a generous slice and check out the best pizza quotes to celebrate this gastronomic hotness!

Pizza quotes to celebrate this wonder

Love without kiss is like pizza without cheese.

Do you think you can blackmail me with food? Because you know that I love pizza!

Happy and pizza have five letters. Cannot be coincidence.

good pizza is pizza divided with friends!

The more pizza the better!

pizza is always a good idea!

Money does not buy happiness, but buy pizza that is the same thing!

Of the simple things that make me happy: cold pizza for breakfast.

You are the cheese of my pizza.

May you never lack peace, love, happiness and money to buy pizza!

pizza: the circle of life.

Without pizza, life would make no sense.

To be happy there is no day. To eat pizza no either.

salty or sweet, with or without edge, being pizza I love anyway!

You have to love people as if they were pizza.

Why fall in love if you can ask for a pizza?

Weekend has a taste of pizza!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Pizza. (Sweets dreams are made of pizza.)

pizza and soda: best friends forever!

Sextou! It’s day to eat that pizza.

That never lacks pizza, amen!

See life as a pizza: even when it’s bad it is still good.

Savor Life as if it were pizza: Enjoy every piece!

For all evil, a pizza. And for all well too.

people come and go, but the love for pizza is forever!

Everything ends in pizza.

A Slice to Day, Keeps the Sad Away. (One slice a day keeps sadness away.)

phrase that saves any day: Let’s order a pizza?

pizza: love on the first bite.

The pizza box is square, the pizza is round and the slices are triangular. Conclusion: Nothing in this life makes sense.

pizza is a delight, there is no denying. And it is even better accompanied by a cold. So also check out beer quotes to accompany!

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