30 mourning messages for uncle that express the pain and longing of loss

There are several types of uncles: the one who is always present or that was closer when you were a child, smart uncles or uncles that cook like no one else. Regardless, the pain of the loss of a relative always brings us sadness to the heart. We have selected mourning quotes for uncle who will help you express all the pain and find comfort to face this sad moment.

We selected mourning quotes for uncle full of love that helped you go through this difficult time

Today my heart is in mourning and now only memories have left. Go in peace, dear uncle, I will take with me our good times.

uncle, I remember every time we played together when I was a child. Today my heart is broken, I will miss you a lot.

My uncle made all the jokes funny. Even those that made no sense. I will miss your laughter. May the sky receive you in celebration, rest in peace.

My uncle was like my second father. It always brought joy to our Sundays, but unfortunately, today the day is just sadness. Rest in peace, dear uncle.

Although we are not so close, my uncle has always been an example for me. I am very sad about your departure. Rest in peace, uncle.

uncle, today I cry your departure, but I will always remember with joy of the special person you were with everyone.

uncle, few people had their hearts the size of yours. We’ll miss you. Rest in peace!

My uncle was able to choose the right words even in the most difficult times. Now he is gone and only the silence and sadness remained.

Today, with a lot of pain, I say goodbye to my uncle, who was always a righteous and worthy man. I hope he finds rest and eternal peace in God’s arms.

My heart now cries of longing for this extraordinary man who had the honor of calling his uncle.

Uncle, I remember everything you taught me, your wisdom and your huge heart. I will miss you so much. Go in peace.

People who are important to us always seem to us eternal. You left, uncle, but keep living inside us.

Your absence weighs a lot, uncle. But I hope you are in a better place now.

You left quickly, uncle. I wish I had more time to say goodbye, have finished that conversation and have given you another hug …

uncle, I’m sure you will take care of us wherever you are. We will miss you a lot. Rest in peace!

Today we cry your departure, uncle, your absence hurts me a lot, but you will always be with me in my heart. Rest in peace.

My uncle was the smartest person I’ve ever met. Life was very hard with him. I hope he rests in peace.

Today a person I loved left, rest in peace, my uncle.

I’m sure you are now with God, uncle. I never met someone as good as you.

Every tear that now comes out of me is a longing for my uncle. May he be at peace.

uncle, I will miss your fantastic stories that made me believe that the world was a better place. Go in peace.

My heart now cries missing you, my uncle. Stay in peace.

God, please take good care of my uncle who is now with you.

I’m sure you were one of the best people I met. I can’t believe you died. Rest in peace, uncle.

uncle, we were never so close, but I always felt good by your side. You were an amazing man. Rest in peace.

I am deeply sad with your loss, uncle. May you find peace and eternal rest. We will miss you.

Now, I will be without the best Christmas gifts, without your tight hug and without your funny games. You were my superhero, uncle. Go in peace.

uncle, I am very sad about your departure. But I know that now you are in a better place always looking at us.

My uncle was an extraordinary man. I have no words to express the immense pain and longing. That he rests in peace.

I will never forget your kindness, uncle. May God give you eternal rest and help us find the strength to endure this great pain.

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