30 mourning messages for a friend to ease the weight and pain of this loss

Friendship is something that transcends any and all understanding. Friend love is brother’s love, it is reciprocal and full of affection. The connection between friends is so special that it goes beyond obstacles. We have selected these quotes of mourning for a friend, full of feelings and emotions that reflect the importance of this bond that lasts beyond life. Check it out!

Mourning quotes for a friend who show affection and loyalty even through pain

Your friendship was one of the most genuine things I’ve had in my life. I will miss you forever, friend. Rest in peace!

You scored in my life, lived, died in my story. I am afraid of the future and the loneliness that knocks on my door.

friend, I will always love you! As long as there is love, there is always a rest of happiness, a affection in the heart. There is always a little life. Rest in peace!

I will never overcome your loss. You were my person, my joy, my partner in everything, my best friend … Eternal longing!

a piece of mine left and along with him led my joy and hope. The world will never be the same without you, friend!

We are never prepared to lose someone we love, and losing you my friend, it was the most painful thing of my life. I will always love you!

You were unique and our friendship, irreplaceable. Nothing will ever comfort the pain and emptiness you left in my heart.

I love you. You were ready. The pain is strong and insists on increasing, but I will see you when it allows me.

Who will I share my greatest secrets with? To whom will I call in the middle of the night to tell about my crazy dreams? You were always more than a friend, you were my sister … I will miss you until the end of my days!

The world lost some of your beauty when you left, my friend.

You left, but the memories of all the moments I spent by your side will remain alive in my heart. Rest in peace, friend!

You know, friend, things don’t go very well here … and at this moment I just would like to get the phone and call to vent with you. I miss you!

I wish me if for a carelessness, God could bring you back, friend … even if it was for a second!

Life loses its color when a great friend is lost. I will miss you, friend!

So you left forever, but in the hearts of those who love you you will live forever. It is with tears in my eyes, tight heart and choke on the chest that I give my last goodbye and I say goodbye to you, my dear friend.

I remember when we know each other and how do we swear that our friendship would be eternal. And it will be … to infinity and beyond! Rest in peace.

You were so special that God rescued you from this complicated and evil world. Wherever you are, know that I will love you forever and that our friendship will be eternal!

Friend, sharing life by your side was amazing, but the amazing ceased to exist the moment you left. You will always live in my heart. Eternal longing!

Somehow, I prefer to believe that the sky needed more shine, so you are gone … But living without your presence will be extremely difficult, friendly!

I know that everything God does has a purpose. Still, my dear friend, this does not soften the pain of your loss. I will miss you all my life!

I promise to enforce your legacy and everything you built. This will be what will keep me strong and close to you, until finally we can meet in glory. I miss you eternal, friend!

Friend, rest in peace! Your departure leaves a huge emptiness, but there is still hope of the day we will meet in glory.

What to do with this suffocating longing that tears the heart day after day? My life was by your side, my happiness was linked to yours … I miss you, friend!

mourning! I fight for friendship, I fight the shared moments, I fight the secrets never revealed … I fight for never being able to see you smile again. You missed it, friend!

would give everything I just have to hug you once again and say how special you have always been to me, friend. Rest in peace!

When you left, you took a piece of me, friend … I don’t know how to live without your presence, your laugh, your jokes dull …

I want to see you again. You missed you.

My heart is mourning for an amazing person who taught me about the value of friendship and love. Rest in peace, dear friend!

You were my joy, my home, my lap, my friend … I still don’t know how to survive in a world you are no longer part, but I will try in your name.

You were the light that lived in my heart and now it was called to shine in the sky. I will miss you, friend!

It is from a friend or a relative, the pain of loss is legitimate and needs to be expressed. So also check out these mourning quotes to help you vent about this pain.

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