30 messages of motivation from God to follow your path with faith

has gone through moments that feel alone and totally disappointed, thinking that things won’t work? There are moments in life when it seems that everything goes down, isn’t it? Knowing this, check out valuable quotes of God’s motivation, because you have to remember that there is a merciful father who does everything in the one who believes!

God’s motivation quotes to overthrow any obstacle

Let’s look at today, for tomorrow God will provide!

As much as your difficulty is, remember: nothing is greater than the love of the Lord!

You have to look more carefully to the father to see the answers to the difficulties.

It is necessary to have faith in God and mercy will come to light!

As much as there may be stones on the way, do not forget the paradise!

It is through the waters of God that we get the life force!

When you feel alone, remember that God looks at you and accompanies you. Trust!

We will never know all the mysteries of God, but it is up to us to do the best every day.

Faith needs to be fed every day to have a perennial life!

Nothing is impossible when you walk with the Lord!

Most of the time we don’t lose, we get rid of each other! You have to trust!

With God has no bad luck, because he was never luck!

Look and see, God is good all the time!

God only gives the amount we can carry!

With God, even on a bad day there is something to learn good!

God always has the best way for us!

You have to be open to God wait for what you need to flourish!

Our time is not the same as God. Trust!

At sea, the Lord’s boat is not frightened by the storm. You have to believe it!

There is no eternal storm. Everything is resolved. Believe me!

As hard as it is necessary to open life for new things, only then can we find happiness!

In the desert of life, God will give to eat and drink.

You have to thank and listen. Every goal has a road that leads to God!

With God the flight is right and loud. You need to be prepared for travel!

If you plant now, you will reap in God’s time. No cultivation is in vain!

In life we ​​have to always have a suitcase to deposit our faith, our love and our hope.

victory is reached believing!

Success is never stopping praying!

If you are thirsty, do not hesitate, the Lord will give to drink!

Light is for all, for in the face of God we are all equal. Breathe!

Now that you have read our beautiful quotes to face life more confidently, how about checking out God’s wisdom quotes to learn from the divine?

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